Twin Flame chat up lines

This morning, I headed for coffee at work, when my Twin’s Higher Self / astral or etheric body decides that the pretty blond lady waiting at the counter had a nice skirt and nice knees. So, he begs me to go talk to her, which i was heading for anyway, and to both our surprise, the lady got super chatty with me and never stopped talking. He just could not believe it how successful he suddenly was with her, until he remembered.. oh.. wait.. she thinks that I am a woman, doesn’t she … ?
Had such a giggle with him walking out of the coffee shop, as he had forgotten that he was looking at the lady through my eyes 
ah well ! this was a first for me, and i am sure for the lady too, although we did not tell her anything 

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2 Responses to Twin Flame chat up lines

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Why didn’t you tell her that you have this friend. Kind of shy, but really cute. …. lol.

    What a temptation to mess with people!!!! …. But you simply must resist Laura!! … lol

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