All the aspects of ourselves – message from higher self 5 May 2013


All the aspects of ourselves – message from higher self 5 May 2013
Was somehow a surreal weekend, and not all parts were grounded for me.
Today I feel much stronger and able to function again.
Whenever I feel disconnected and lost inside, it is always helpful to just stup, sit down and recharge the batteries inside.
Take stock of the outside world, while connected within, so that I can be reminded of why I am here for and what this is all about.
Acknowledge all that you create, experience, dream of, think, feel and react to as part of yourself. It is all part of the big puzzle that you are.
You are creation, god and god spark, love, and expression of unwanted emotions at times too.
All that you feel is a part of who and what you are. There is not need to hide it from yourself or from others.
Sense the road ahead, sense the difficulties and challenges, and create you path among it all, with your heart, feelings, understanding and love.
Love is the path, creation is the result of it.
All higher natures and lower natures need to marry and meet within, acknowledge each other, not fight one another. It is possible to get it all work together, in harmony to serve the higher good, the path to love, unity, connection and Creation.
From Higher Self
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6 Responses to All the aspects of ourselves – message from higher self 5 May 2013

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Help us all Great Spirit to break the cycle of action and reaction. To forgive everything, and then the wheel stops turning. The Creator will still have the jubilee, but what we don’t forgive will be lost to us. Forgive all wrongdoing, or divine justice is beyond our vision. Forgive hardship, or it’s strength is lost. Forgive the coldness, or it’s wisdom is lost. Forgive the pain, or it’s virtue is lost.

    Slept with this all night, … very tired now. … Not sure if I understood it all. Or what I forgot. … Feel shaken

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