Question about Twin Flame – Easter Connection

Hi guys, I wonder does anybody know is there a connection between Easter and Twin Flames? I wonder because all these revelations about my twin have only taken place this week, when i know my twin’s 3D form since January.. why did they wait for 3 months to tell me the facts? Granted.. the 3D details would shock anybody i think, which is why i won’t talk about it.. and i am still in shock.. anyway, do you think that the TF revelations have more to do with what goes on now in the sky than Easter? any insights for me please ? 

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15 Responses to Question about Twin Flame – Easter Connection

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Well, … one thing does come to mind, .. but I don’t know if it answers anything for you. Not only do you have a world of Christians gathering and praying, etc. seeing this as a holy time. But in the Hindu world I know it is a special ceremonial time as well. I believe they are inviting Vishnu to come back to the world because of the end of the Kali Yuga. And also Buddha’s birthday is around this time of year, .. which is a yearly thing Buddhist’s have. And then you have New Agers and the like gathering and/or meditating because of the Cardinal Grand Cross tomorrow. …. It is an auspiciously holy Easter this year, .. that much I know.

  2. vendo4151 says:

    Oh ya, .. that’s right, .. it’s Passover too. ….. Gee, .. are we leaving anyone out??? .. lol

  3. vendo4151 says:

    You really got me on that one Laura. I didn’t realize how funny it was til later … 🙂

  4. i am still laughing to myself all afternoon’! welll.. i bet a few hundred people will know all about your clothing hanits now!! see.. who said i don”t have an educational blog! what do american people wear? lol or… what to wear for 6 months.. or.. how to find yout TF online? or.. is India near Alaska… ok.. i stop there now! 🙂 oh/.. Vendo.. better wash that Indian gown every few weeks lovely !! 🙂 xo

    • vendo4151 says:

      LAURA! …. you will tempt me to seek revenge if you keep this up! … 🙂

      • no worries!! i will head of to bed in my pyjamas … oh wait.. is that too personal for the blog too.. hummm.. good night vendo Indy says: “vendo! go for it!” oh.. no.. wait.. my bad.. she actually said.. she wears furs like the eskimos do.. oh. ok then! 😉

      • vendo4151 says:

        For the record, .. they aren’t actual loin clothes, … they say Hanes on the front

        Good night Laura ,,, happy Easter to you and yours.

        PS … I wasn’t kidding about the Eskimo thing you know! .. 🙂 .. bye

      • i know you were serious.. well.. as serious as one can be on a day like this.. and i have not even been drinking anything!! who needs drink!?? lol

  5. Mor says:

    Hi, I was reading about twin flame relationships and seeing this question surprised me because I met the person whom I thought was my twin flame on an Easter night at the Orthodox church. I did not know anything about twin flames until I found out about angle cards after we broke up. We were the happiest couple in the world for about two years but then we ended up hurting each other so much. I did not even know that angel cards were including any information about soul relationships. When I first shuffled the cards and asked my question out loud whether he was my soulmate I picked a card that said “twin flame”. I did not even know what a twin flame was… Then I learned more and more about it and yes everything was making so much sense. I was still skeptical about it until I asked the same question to the several other cards and got the same answer again and again. We were one… Even in his poems, he would describe our oneness and true desire to unite with each other. We would celebrate our anniversary on Easters and it was a very special day for both of us. So I guess Easter has something to do with the twin flame relationship.

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