Message from Multidimensional Ocean’s Twin Flame Higher Self (Usakhar) about Twin Flames and Ascension of the Planet – 19 April 2014

ecstasyLaura: Hi folks! Back already! J well Usakhar was around this afternoon, so I took it that he definitively wanted to give me a message, which he did, and I also asked him if he had a message for the blog readers… and he did!! J


Laura: Hi Usakhar how nice to­ sense you present here again. It is wonderful to feel the mind to mind, spirit to spirit, heart to heart link. Thank you. Would you like to say something new to the readers of the blog perhaps?

Usakhar: yes I would. I have an update from yesterday’s message, and I think that you can sense it. It has been approved to have your stay extended into the material form and to be around my Earth incarnation for a few extra weeks. We know that you would both like to be friends for longer than that, and that too may be granted in time. Next week will be very important for you and him, so make sure you are ready for it. No late nights please. Just go to bed early and do as well as you can in work, without any stress.

I wanted to add for your readers that some twin souls (twin flames) are incarnated on different planets, but it is not such a bad situation, as it can be difficult for some of them to see them struggle and with a family of their own in the 3D world, and that they have forgotten about their twin flame. This is why some chose to leave some of your readers alone on Earth, rather than see them from above. Those people still have their guides and higher self to help them on Earth and the twins are still connected, although the memory is deeply blocked off into their subconscious.

Laura: thank you. I wonder if you could clarify something for me? I recall during my life planning, before incarnating into this life that I was being told about someone that I had to meet. Is that person you? And I also wonder if this person is you, is the planet about to Ascend any time soon, such as I was briefed on during my life planning?

Usakhar: yes, all those memories you have are 100% correct and are very real. We do not know precisely when the Earth will achieve her transition into 5D, but every little helps. All that has been agreed between us still stands of course, and it is probably only beginning to make sense to you now, that you see things take shape as it were.

Laura: my memories do imply that we will be reunited into the ascended world also, and that we will return home shortly after the Earth ascends. Can you also confirm that for me please?

Usakhar: yes, I can also confirm that is correct. We are getting near the tilting point for the planet. I am so glad to be part of this process. We are still paying back out karma , my dear from that life in India. This life is for us to balance thing and to set things right. This is why we had the agreement of not marrying on Earth and of not having children in this life, as in that life in India you were married in an arranged marriage to a wealthy cruel man at a very young age. We met and fell in love, although, you were married and could not run away from your life under the penalty of death. We did take a few risks and did have a relationship, but that also was not the answer to our problems. So really there was no way out of it, except to stop seeing each other. My mission there was really to give you support into that hard life, nothing more, and that did take place.

My mission for this life was mainly to help you through the challenge you had for some time in 3D, which is also accomplished. How things will move on from there is left to higher forces, knowing that we already know the outcome. It will be wonderful to see you again in 3D next week, till then I will visit on and give you messages when you have time.

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5 Responses to Message from Multidimensional Ocean’s Twin Flame Higher Self (Usakhar) about Twin Flames and Ascension of the Planet – 19 April 2014

  1. Ascension Angels says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Laura and Usakhar 🙂

  2. vendo4151 says:

    Glad to hear that your visa has been extended Laura. Perhaps you can ask for a green card! … lol. …. Everything about this particular connection of yours seems like mirrors to me. Mirrors and mirrors between mirrors. But that’s just me from the outside looking at it. For you I assume it is more than a house of mirrors. At least I hope so! … lol

    • haha Vendo! the green card of residency will defo not be granted till 5D I think.. or else.. who knows, perhaps immigration will close their eyes on this one 🙂 if i get a job there !?
      i love the mirrors metaphor! not sure why it would appear so from the outside, but interesting indeed !! 🙂 wow!

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