Heaven Opening Gates and Twin Soul Energies – Multidimensional Ocean with Higher Self – 18 April 2014

10277787_10152125246434023_7293117631471476662_nDear all,

After having had a few particular difficult moments yesterday and in particular last night, I had a breakthrough last night and this morning the whole world and grant scheme of things in the universe finally made sense. I could see beyond the energy of my loved ones, and literally see their angelic energies and presence.
It was a wonder moment of opening, awakening, realization, self-realization, and understanding the higher picture.
It certainly has been all worth going through yesterday ups and downs of the flow of waves and storms to come to this realization and understanding. I have no idea for how long will I be enveloped and protected in this veil of blissful communion with the world? But having the experience once in my life feels enough to be at peace for ever now.
Seeing the angelic beauty of my cat Indy, in all her glory is such a heart warming feeling. She is indeed a white angel, incarnated in this life just to give me support. Her angelic side is human, with wings, beauty of light with a feeling of transparency.
My partner is also an angelic being, connected to the energies of Archangel Gabriel, also of the white angelic realm, kind, gentle, patient, and forgiving.
Just wanted to share this with you this morning, and how wonderful life truly is, behind the illusions of pain and fears, the higher beings are always here with us, and within us. We are not alone, and never have been. We have our higher selves to love us, and guide us, we have each other and each others’ higher selves angelic presences. We have our sisters and brothers from the stars all around us to love us and help us in any way that we can, even when we are not aware of their help, especially when we are not aware of their help shall I say.
The feeling now is one of being unrushed, feeling free, and happy, letting go and one of acceptance. The cosmic energies and beings are always present within us and all around us, the only difference is the state that I find myself in, that is, am I able to open up to their presence and accept their unconditional love? Am I able to accept the divine, sense it, feel it, love it, even if I cannot always see it with my eyes or with my inner eye?
The viral thing for me now is to be able to release the tensions in my body and to make enough room and space all around me to be able to experience those energetic transitions within. It seems something in me needs to grow and feed of these energies, to absorb and integrate them peacefully without much interruption. So, gentle physical activity seems to be most helpful, in a peaceful environment.
The twin soul energies are also very much present at the moment, majestic, embracing, and unifying in a gentle and magical dance of ascending powerful flame of love. The connection between twin flames is much stronger now for the next few days, and some of us will keep it for ever at that level, and will go with the flow and ascend together using this huge tidal wave to fully reunite and become one again.
Twin souls will feel closer than ever, more connected than ever before, a true one being split into two different human forms, sometimes at opposite parts of the world. However, as distance does not matter between twin souls, it will be as if they are truly connected in the physical as much as if they were together. The feelings, the movements, the thoughts, the souls will be shared. Some of you will feel the loving presence of the twin in very strong ways, wheather the twin is in the physical world or not, you are always connected via your higher self also.
The doors will open for the two of you, you will be able to sense each other’s feelings, thoughts and see through each others eyes literally. You will experience this double being as a reality from now on for many of you, like real twins do. If you need to know what your twin feels and thinks, all you need to do is close your eyes and feel your own feelings and thoughts, and you will find his or hers there too.
In loving grace, with peace and joy.
Multidimensional Ocean and Higher Self
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5 Responses to Heaven Opening Gates and Twin Soul Energies – Multidimensional Ocean with Higher Self – 18 April 2014

  1. Thank you for sharing with us my lovely one. Love you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Ascension Angels says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you Laura 🙂

  3. vendo4151 says:

    What a great experience for you Laura! … So glad to hear it! …. For the last 3 weeks or so I have been feeling more presence around me for sure. Very loving, .. even when the energies are not supporting it, it is just a matter of what I focus on. In the first week of April it was strong and very obvious for me. Since then it is just a focus away you might say. And your writings bring that focus. … thank you Laura

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