Question about Today’s Energies

oh boy! is it me or have the energies shifted from positive and happy to a little bit nuts? Does anybody else feel tense, tired, fed up and on the insecure side, doubting everything that the were sure about before? 
I wonder is it just me? 
Hope you guys are doing fine and have a super Easter break ! 

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22 Responses to Question about Today’s Energies

  1. jlcmom says:

    I had kinda that yesterday. The day was full of minor annoyances, people being rude or oblivious, dumb little things just going wrong. Seemed like practice for staying in my center and not getting flustered. Today is a little better, but I didn’t have to be out and about so much…..:) ❤

  2. Pocahontas says:

    Hard today, yes. Anxious as hell. All in my chest and heart palpitations. Hang in there!

  3. thank you for sharing dear friends! i can relate totally !! ❤

  4. Hi Laura, it’s in a way reassuring to know that I am not on my own. I have felt that too. I am waddling in doubt at the moment too and find myself crying for every little thing. I thought that it was on the account that my life has been very trying even more recently than for a long time. My children are on edge as well and they tend to have more arguments at the moment. I feel like I am stuck and I can’t bring myself to move forward. I really ate it and hope it won’t be for long as I can’t take much of this any longer. Namaste! Love and light to all. I keep hope that the 21st will give us the opportunity to bring the change forward to breaking point.

    • Oww.. dear willow, yes, I can also so much relate!! and i do feel it is helpful to share our feelings and to support one another ❤
      Same here: heating no longer working, constant tensions and arguments around me today.. impossible to relax and to go deeper within.
      I will try to come back to my body's energies and my center a little later, now that i know that i am not alone or imagining this.. ❤

  5. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Yep felling these energies. I am working on raising my vibration to ascend, as there is a portal open for a few weeks, first wave, so more opportunity will follow this. This is from the hollow earth, and who needs light sites, and radio show. If you wish to ascend now you can.

  6. Yes I am feeling the energies. I am working on ascending as per the hollow earth radio show, with Ann and Kathryn. Actually it was the many of one, show, on blog talk radio. There is information on the who needs light website also. And they talked about the ascension portal that is open, for all who want to ascend now can. I am working on raising my vibrations to do so. I think Kathryn and Anne have ascended after the show. It is happening now, we can ascend with our bodies, it has started.

  7. vendo4151 says:

    Hi Laura,. … I was feeling very sweet energy, unusual and very noticeable, the first week of April, there abouts. But that’s gone now. But even before that I have been seeing some rather disturbing behavior, and manner, and logic out of place and strange. And in very unexpected ways and unexpected people. I do hesitate to point out examples, but I’ll throw one out there. Someone who’s work I’ve admired and followed for years, Santos Bonacci, seems to have lost his grip lately. He looks and sounds like a madman, .. in public!!! .. On Camera for the media!! …. I just couldn’t hardly believe it when I saw this. This is a friend of James, … a quest speaker at ECETI functions and his radio programs. Does talks and seminars all over the world. …… The guy’s loosing it. … It would almost be funny if it wasn’t rather scary.

    • wow! thank you for sharing vendo! yes.. he seems to be really really p*ssed.. i can hardly blame him though.. given what is going on.. he sounds so fed up with it all.. yes.. probably best for him to take a break… and sit a few of those down.. but you know.. i think he just does not know how to say it anymore.. huummm.. yes, he is so fed up with it all..

    • all he says is so right though.. and i see he is just coming out of the court house.. obviously trying to speak out in there too. and fighting the cause.. i am so with him about the Feds.. i would probably be like him to be honest.. enough is enough.. especially when we consider all the people who die of starvation etc.. in the world because of the corrupt governments.. ❤

      • vendo4151 says:

        Hi Laura, .. I’m not implying that he is wrong about the whole thing. But he’s making himself look and sound like a nut to most people on the news in Australia. And some of the things he is forwarding there, well, … he’s all alone with it. No one else is saying some of these things. Even in alternative circles. So to act like that publicly is very ill advised. … And not at all what he’s normally like.

        PS – nice video of Weber and Eisenhower on Indy, … nice grab, …. thank you

      • well.. as i said he is just walking out of the court room, and god only knows what he has been put through in there.. the mater is personal, he cannot be detached, as he is being targeted personally.. this is not an empirical debate for him.. if i were in his shoes, i would certainly not be so cool and relaxed about it.. he has obviously been aggravated in that court room, and the cameras just hang around.. i don’t think he had in mind to be on the news wtih this!! lol it just happened.. and they got him on his way out of the court room! of course he is angry at the system, and people’s tendency to behave as sheep, even if they are civilised sheep, they still don’t get it.. he has probably been saying the same stuff for decades, and the message is still not gone out there..
        i can certainly not fault him at all here..

      • vendo4151 says:

        I understand your point Laura, … I say it is ill advised because it looks bad, the way he acted, … and this is not over. And it can work against him. This is not the way that spiritually advanced people should look and sound to world, … as a rule of thumb I think, … lol.

        James went through 12 count cases from late 2011 and through 2012 when the county was trying to shut him and this operation down at the ranch. The whole thing was trumped up, corrupt, and TOTAL BS. But James always keep his cool and was respectful and patient throughout the whole thing. His statements were pretty careful, and all backed up with verifiable documents and facts. And he won in the end, .. big time!!! … And looks very very good and is respected more than ever in his community now. ……. Way, way different than Santos’ situation now I’m afraid.

        But I do see your point, .. don’t get me wrong.

      • well.. we all react differently under pressure.. and not everbody is as cool as James and calm.. if one is the fiery type like me and Santos (obviously! lol) one reacts with temper and anger in those situations .. personally, i have not watched the entire video, but i think that man was super composed given the circumstances.. lol i think i would have cried or just would have made no comment.. lol.. i would have tried to avoid punching somebody but if it turned out it was impossible for me to avoid.. so what. i and Santos are only human after all 🙂
        i certainly would not judge him on that video, but i thought he spoke well and very clearly given the circumstances, i posted on indy, because what he says is important. 🙂 thank you !
        just because one belongs to spiritual world does not mean that one is a saint, or makes no mistakes, or is without any trace of emotion (he is alive as he says after all)..
        i would certainly not judge him 🙂 xo

  8. vendo4151 says:

    Ya, … I know Laura, … but Geeeezzz, … he called the reporter holding a mic in front of him a corrupt idiot puppet or something like that!!! … He knew he was talking to a news crew …. man, … He accumulated over $100,000 dollars in fines for not paying tolls at a highway toll stop. Does this seem altogether rational to you? He’s really in trouble now. This doesn’t look good at all. And he doesn’t look to me like he is in control of this situation.

    I’m not judging him, … I’m a little afraid for him. I have read and heard him speak a lot. I don’t want to see him pulled away from it all. ….. This isn’t him Laura, … which was the point of this, your post, … sort of. And he’s not the only one!

    • well.. still i know what u r saying.. but people behave the way they do for a reason.. perhaps being provoked and aggravated (we don’t know who that journalist is, or what he said to him on and off camera…?) perhaps that journalist is part of the cabal is only wanted to provoke him to react hashly on camera, so that peopel can blame, judge him and say he lost the plot.. people have different personalities.and tempers.. that are triggered for irrational reasons sometimes..
      . i know what you are saying. but he is just being angry.. at the system and that is his way of showing it and dealing with it, or protesting against it..
      in my view he is just being honest and is not holding anything back.. and manages to regain his cool very well 🙂 i would not have done so well myself to be honest i think ! 🙂
      and yes, the energies are high, and make us react in irrational manners, but we are only the pupets of the energies up there, and we cannot always be at our best 🙂
      glad you enjoyed Laura and Alfred ! 🙂
      off to ZZZzzz now xo

      • vendo4151 says:

        If you are ever having a really bad day, and I say something to annoy you, …. just say ..”remember Santos”. That will be our little code word from now on, .. OK … 🙂

        Good night Laura, .. sweet dreams … xo

  9. Ascension Angels says:

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  10. V. Styx says:

    This is actually encouraging to me to hear other’s difficult experiences because I’ve been feeling it loud and clear….stress overload, overwhelmed both in my personal life and in worry about the earth and everything going on. Mediation has not really been going well and unable to sleep. Thursday I blamed on the Moon being Void of course and thought that moon into Sag would help today, but not so much. Seems like there is a “Call” to honesty and authenticity. I do think this is an opportunity for some rapid evolution. Very important to do our best to get centered and go through this Grand Cross/Lunar eclipse energy by letting go to the Universal Love in faith.

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