On Twin Souls – Message from SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean 16 April 2014

1465112_10152121017149023_5252609836808430726_nLaura: I asked SaLuSa a few questions about twin souls/ twin flames, and I decided to share part of the message with my readers, —hoping that it will help some of you also. Enjoy!


Laura: thank you Matt for the youtube video ! wonderful !! 🙂

1-    You are connected via the higher realms at all times and you are aware of this connection most of the time, especially if you are a spiritual or psychic person, which you both are of course.

2-    You share the same feelings for each other and the reason for that is that you can feel each other’s feelings. Your hearts are connected, as much as your higher selves are, more so than with any other human being. So the feeling that you know each other’s thoughts and feelings is a very real and legitimate one.

3-    The love connection in the 3D (the material realm) is not always reflecting the higher realms, in the way that sometimes it will take time to resolve past lives experiences, experiences that are not necessarily in lives that you have spent together, but in lives that one has seen the other struggle with from above. Most of the time, the last incarnation will bring you together as friends, or family members, or even lovers, as a help to each other to resolve dark sides of your incarnations. This is where the real heavy and unpleasant work beings.

4-    Your twin may have chosen to embody into the culture or religion of beings that you have struggled with, in order to help you clear karma and help you face this one last and painful trauma that still overshadows your present life. This can take years, and bear in mind that your twin has also his or her own learning to do and growth and that you will be acting for him or her with the same healing purpose, this is on a soul journey level.

5-    Very likely you have made an agreement with your twin or with his or her life planners to meet up at some point in your life, and have put conditions up the circumstances of your meeting during your life planning sessions. If you are asking why you could not avoid certain facts in your life, there may be your answer: your agreement for this life with your twin soul.

6-    Your journey together will always be an unexpected one, as this is what you both wish for. You both enjoy the same things, experiences, spirituality, and values. The time that is needed is for both of you to grow, mature and face difficult matters, such as past lives, or your own dark side. It will be a slow process, but it will not be a lonely process.

7-    You will be together as a couple and you will never want to leave one another, which neither of you will ever do or dream of doing. So, yes, my dear, the time has drawn close, very close.

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