The End Times – Message from Higher Self and Guides by Multidimensional Ocean – 15 April 2014

10156111_10152118301004023_6802764114853387378_nAt the end of times such as are about to hit us large and wide, it is common for love to reign over the planet for all live beings, such as animals, humans on many levels.

This end time is a period where all is revealed to all souls that inhabit the Earth, big and small, human or non human, male and female alike, for the creatures of the land and of the seas.

This period of joy and love can be just at arms’ length for you all if you so desire. Many of you that chose to ascend will literally witness the Haven Gates opening for them within their heart. As always what is felt within is a precursor of what is to come in the material world and it attracts just that to you. So please do not underestimate your powers of manifestations, and how you can influence the final Earth’s outcome as a unity collective consciousness.

The unity collective consciousness is more powerful that one could ever imagine on your planet, and it can literally create miracles.

Many of you are already envisioning such a wonderful outcome, because they have felt it within their heart, which is the most powerful inner organ available to the human souls.

At this time of threatening wars, you can begin to foresee an opening of the heart on the human planetary scale, although the media is pushing for outright war propaganda.

We urge you not to sink into the depths of fear, hate, but instead to pray and imagine love, passion, understanding, joy between nations, religions, cultures and to see a celebration of that in the world wide context.

Open up your heart to your neighbours as you would to your friends. Open up your heart to other cultures and respect them, as you would expect your own beliefs to be respected.

You will soon see a tidal wave of love on the global scale, which will be the greatest Earth shake on the Richter scale of love. This ground breaking love affair of cosmic scale will hit the Earth in the coming days, and you will all feel its devastating effects when it comes to matters of warfare.

We pray that you will help awake those of you who are still in a state of deep sleep with love and patience. Their vision is very close and limited, and they do not possess your abilities for vision, consciousness and love. They will in time learn to grow and to respect one another, when they realized that the fears that have been put into them since a very young age, are not about to materialize at all, and therefore, that all this business of warfare, of mass annihilation and seriousness is immaterial to the process of ascension.

Soon you will see love move quicker than you have dreamt of, you will see the houses and hearts of your most feared enemies open for you and your loved ones. Soon you will understand a lot more about love and compassion. Soon you will be able to control your own destiny, as many light workers and way showers have done so on Earth for decades.

We love you very much, from Higher Self and Guides. Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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10 Responses to The End Times – Message from Higher Self and Guides by Multidimensional Ocean – 15 April 2014

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you my sweet Laura ❤

  2. vendo4151 says:

    It is an old metaphysical saying: “it is the same sun that melts wax and hardens clay” . .. Very, very nice message Laura. You are stepping up your game lately, as we would say here in the states. … 🙂

  3. roew-MaLA says:

    Yes , thank you so dearest sister of the light . May love spread thru the hearts of all humanity and we stand up and voice our opinion of war ..spread love my beloved one of the light . God Bless …roew-MaLA

  4. ellen says:

    This is beautiful, thank you so much ❤

  5. julesr2012 says:

    Thank you Laura, very beautiful….haven’t been around at all….but still here and waking up everyday a little more….as usual your words are very rewarding and full of hope for all of humanity…love ya sis !!! 🙂

  6. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura! This message is so helpful today. Everyone I’ve talked with today is stressed and overwhelmed.

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