Women of the World – Multidimensional Ocean 14 April 2014

women_or_objects1Women of the World – Multidimensional Ocean 14 April 2014
well, I had a few interesting days looking at the position of women throughout the world. I have to report that the situation is rather alarming to me. 
The Western world is still treating women as mere slaves, under paying them, when many women are single mothers, not receiving support from the father of children if he left the household. The woman is expected to work to provide for the children and give up her social and personal life and remain dedicated to raise her children and pay the bills.
As to modern households, the women are expected to have full time jobs, to look after the children and the household as well as having her full time job.
In Japan women are commonly nothing more than another empty flower pot in the home, not really encouraged to work, to be independent, but to educate herself to be able to educate the children. Words like geisha and concubines probably originated in Asia.
In Islam men can have 4 wives and as many concubines or slaves as they wish. The woman is only good as long as she is young and attractive and can bring children into this world, but no bonus points are given for intelligence or being hard working. The children in marriages do not belong to the woman, but to the father, the woman is simply taking care of her husband’s children. Very few women are allowed having a proper education or if they do, they could be killed.
It is obvious that women are being brainwashed into accepting a submissive role since birth and are not encourage to question things. 
This is mainly done through religion of course, no matter what religion that is. 
I wonder how long more are women going to accept being second class citizens, not being allowed to drive or vote in certain countries, to owe property, or even to pray, not allowed to have equal wages to men, when they have a life full of 100% work at home and in work, while the male gender has lots of free time to dedicate to hobbies, and having fun in whatever way he sees fit…
Not to mention physical, and emotional abuse going on in homes, where the woman lives in fear and under the domination of the husband.
The wars are not only going on in far away countries, in cultures that we do not understand, but in our own societies and homes.. every day! 
The sad thing is that as long as women allow these atrocities to continue against their gender, things will not evolve. As long as women are happy to be viewed as nothing more than an object worth or not acquired based on the size of her breasts or her hips, without properly enforced rights, no progress will be made in my view. 
I just feel right now that this is time to make a change into those situations, and give part of the power back to more women. (not just one or two who are as bad as men).
So that we can end world wars to live in a world that is fair for more people and full love of love and light, because if we look at the world leaders, they are mostly men. 
I think since half of the world’s population are women, half of the power and world rulers should also be women 
Blessings to all

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9 Responses to Women of the World – Multidimensional Ocean 14 April 2014

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Reminds me of the kind of speech Gloria Steinem was famous for back in the 70s and 80s. A lot has changed since then in modern countries, but not all of it worked out well. Having children became a greater burden than ever because everything became so expensive. And men found it much easier to escape that burden if they are not married, which became a very big trend beginning in the 70s. ….. It seems that correcting injustice on a political and secular level may only give the appearance of a solution sometimes.

    Meanwhile, in the not so modern world, people in many or most places are very much asleep and unaware of a great many things. But even so, perhaps more prepared for a higher level of existence than most in the modern world. There are ironies everywhere. ……… Nevertheless, ….. the only thing more depressing than justice that doesn’t heal, is more injustice and less hope. ….. So let every mouth speak for justice, but expect healing to come from elsewhere.

    • sadly a lot has changed but for the worse agreed!
      because people are afraid of repercussions and prefer to sit on their hands when it comes to human rights, children rights, gay rights, animal rights, etc…
      too much complesence and passivity has led the planet to this point and will get much worse until people wake up one way or another if you ask me.. 😦
      example: Hitler’s Germany and what goes on in muslim contries with honour killings etc.. not a pretty sight..

  2. vendo4151 says:

    I tell you Laura, that puppy was absolutely jaw-dropping for me. … Very, very sad. ….. It is probably true that the cabal has been looking for a way to use North Korea as a false flag, … but the reality of the place is not false. It is almost beyond belief!

  3. Sharon S. says:

    Very well spoken….so true…our day is coming when we will have respect

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