The Matrix Program – SaLuSa 12 April 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

downloadSaLuSa: the light is spreading high and bright over your inner world, and this comes into fruition by the awakening of many into the outer world. Many of you have contributed to awaken the masses to the light work and to higher love. Many humans have been touched by your work as lightworkers, incarnated here from higher dimensions into the 3D Earth Matrix of reality.

This Matris is created by the common will and by your Human Collective. The parameters change on regular basis depending on the Human wants, needs and desires. In addition to that, the Cabal is also changing paramters, so sometimes you would notice some glitches into the programming that are truly not explainable by any other means than this universe being a huge computer program, called the Matrix. The Matrix feeds the human needs for impressions and 3D reality illusions, it also sustains you alive into the program, in a similar way as a mother would do to her babies. Without the Matrix, you would suddenly awaken, but the shock of it would cause fatal failure in many of you who are as yet not ready to be awaken, in the litteral sense of the term.

This is why the Awakening has to be a slow process of self realization and of love. However, being part of the Matrix program systems does not exclude you from being part of the higher realms, as much as any ascended beings are. I am referring in particular to those of you who are here, on Earth with a mission for the rest of humanity. Those of you here on that mission are definitively at the same time part of the higher realms.

However this does not mean that all the humans in the Matrix possess similar levels of consciousness, if it were the case, there would have been no need to send them reinforcements to elevate the vibrations of the planet. Wouldn’’t you think?

It does not mean that our love is in any way diminished for those who are not fully conscious beings yet, it just means that they still need time to grow into full consciousness and awareness of who they truly are.

You have taken it upon yourself to help the planet and the inhabitants to ascend for this life, and we are so proud of you. Your mission here is longer that it was anticipated initially, but this you knew also when you have made up your mind about assisting Earth and the humans of Earth.

We keep sending you our love and we love you. Please be patient and do not be discouraged if things do not always go the way you had hoped for. There are unexpected setbacks sometimes.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I send you all my love always.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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19 Responses to The Matrix Program – SaLuSa 12 April 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Thank you so much my dearest SaLuSa and also Laura ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. vendo4151 says:

    A lot of insight in an efficient little package I think. Nicely worded Laura. I know you don’t get it sent to you verbatim. …. Do you? … 🙂

    • oh it depends.. most of SaLuSa’s channels comes via telepathy, so yes, it is him speaking in my head, or typing with my fingers 🙂
      Higher self and guides can be a little different.. it can be the same, or it is more of a silence, understanding and then translation into words by me..
      This one was verbatim, as most of my work is. 🙂

      • vendo4151 says:

        I see Laura, … I thought it would be concept by concept more than word by word. Like word pictures in the mind. Long ago I remember reading an analysis of language communication in a study that said that all words create an image in an individual’s mind and this accounts for misunderstandings in verbal or written language. Because those word pictures will vary from individual to individual, and there is the challenge of good communication, etc. ……….. But dictation of words in a silent auditory would be something else. … Interesting … 🙂

      • yes, it used to be like that even with SaLuSa sometimes.. he would send images.. or feelings.. it used to be challenging at the start.. but i think that our communication has improved, and it also depends on my own state of percivity, and also on the distance that he sends the message from… like.. how far is he in the scout ship 🙂 ! sometimes, i do feel him being far away, and it is a little faint.. and also perhaps i am not very open for it. .. other times it is like taking a phone call on Earth in my head.. it is 100% loud and clear. just like dictation indeed 🙂
        The methods vary to be honest, but with SaLuSa, he uses telepathy very well, especially when his ship is near by 🙂

  4. vendo4151 says:

    Percivity, … as in to perceive? … Or did you mean perseity, meaning substance independent of form?

    See what I mean, .. language can be a bitch!! …. lol

    Anyway, thanks for trying to explain. I don’t remember you trying to do that so much before. .. Interesting .. 🙂

    • lol vendo! as in perceive… and yes.. SaLuSa also had to give me spelling and grammar lessons in English at the same time as he thought me how to channel him !! lol
      Fun!! no?
      also I think that you may notice a difference in writing style when i write as opposed to when SaLuSa writes perhaps? I always wondered about that part? x

      • vendo4151 says:

        The difference, ….. that may be more difficult for us to perceive than you think Laura. How many of your blog postings are not channelings? And to compare a little update on your life situation now and then in terms of style, … to one of your channelings, … is like comparing apples and oranges from the onset. So I would have to try to compare your writing from several years ago that was only you, to present days channelings of yours. ……. I honestly couldn’t go beyond saying that you have softened your script, … shall we say, … since that time. Your balance, … or “middle way” as the Buddhists say has noticeably emerged since years past. In my opinion.

        But when it comes to channeling or higher teachings in any form, I am mostly about the juice. .. 🙂 .. I think you know what I mean. The juice is what impresses me and holds me. Always has. I guess that makes me a juice man! … lol

      • hey juice man! lol
        i meant the difference when i write a fiction story, such as the Baltic Sea Anomaly story ( a few posts below) or even my higher self messages perhaps can be noticed from SaLuSa’s messages.. they sure feel very different to me.. i mean SaLuSa’S energy is very different when i channel him and when i channel Higher Self. i wonder is it showing in the writing or is it not? i cannot judge of this myself as what i read is the memory of me channeling it and receiving the message, not the written text in cases of channeled messages.
        hugs and love. xo

  5. vendo4151 says:

    Well, ya, … I guess I knew that that was what you meant. But I kind of hesitated to say what came to mind. I wasn’t so sure it was correct. But anyway, this is what I notice. The SaLuSa messages strike me as primarily expressing affection, … and evoking faith. That stands out quite a bit to me. … The Higher Self and others are more, …….. like suggestions and advise. More so anyway. And I’m not even sure if that is what you mean by style in the first place.

    But when it just my impression, and I’m not sure I’m correct, .. I hesitate to say it. … Hugs back

    • thank you dear vendo 🙂 !! it makes sense to me. indeed. my question was general about the impression you had in the writing style or the way you receive the messages perhaps on an energetic level.. it is something that i always wonder.. how the messages come accross to the readers.. as i don’t read them or re read them.. not even edit them… i just type what comes when it is dictated 🙂 have a good evening 🙂 xo

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