Children and Higher Self by MultidiOcean – 24 March 2014

hi everybody, just wanted to share a quick message about children from my Higher Self.
Don’t be fooled by the fragile looking appearance of children, they are no fools. They have the most hightened abilities and intelligence. They are quick learners, so never insult them with lies or by simplifying things for them.
They understand situations as well as any other adult.

They too share a Higher Self, that also went through many many reincarnations, over millenia here and on other planets.
The Higher self of a child can take over from his or her ordinary functioning, and permeate directly into the child’s life.
This explains why so many children grow up so quickly and are much more mature than others of the same age.
Children are highly sensible and sensitive, they feel in a very powerful and personal way.
If you are in direct contact with a child’s higher self, please understand that the child himself in his ordinary self has no idea of what is happening to hum when higher self takes over. The child just naturally makes room for the higher and wiser part of himself.
Children need lots of love and nurturing to grow and to fulfill their destiny.
Children need lots of love, tenderness and trust to develop and flourish into beautiful children of light that they are.
Much love


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4 Responses to Children and Higher Self by MultidiOcean – 24 March 2014

  1. Wonderful message ♥♥♥

  2. Helloteke says:

    Absolutely true. My circumstances made me learn about this years ago. Most parents are far too worried about their children in our modern society. Children have an extremely powerful invisible guardian. But lies and lack of love hurt them very much. Thank you for posting.
    Best hugs! 🙂

  3. Makes me sad how some parents treat their kids..I talk to my nieces as if they walked along with me all my life,

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