Baltic Sea UFO fiction story part 2 by MultidiOcean – 22 March 2014

The-truth-is-out-there-about-UFO-in-Baltic-Sea-Swedish-scientists-say1Laura: hi guys, you remember the first part of this story? If you don’t here is the link to it:

Hope you will enjoy the 2d part too ! J


Nadina fell into a deep coma as she hit her head during the crash. A pile of rubble fell on top of her, which caused her to lose consciousness. Nothing could have prevented this outcome.

As she slept into a deep coma, her thoughts were for her husband. He was on their home planet working in an isolated outpost on his own, in the middle of cold, water and ice.

She visited him a few weeks before she left on this secret mission and he looked so happy to spend two weeks with her.

She met him when she was a flight instructor, and he was a new arrival at flight school. She laughed at his silly name, the first time she heard her new student’s name: Usamar. She found him to be as dark inside as the colour of his eyes. He never smiled or got humour as a new arrival. If she asked him a question, he would just stare at her for some time, with no facial expression what so ever. It was as if he had gone through a deep pain in his life, and could not let go of it. She also wondered if he was day dreaming and why was he so hesitant before speaking to her. She thought that this was not a sign of a good pilot to have a slow response time.

When she spoke to him, he would always stare at her, without any expression in his eyes and face. No matter what she ever said to him, he would never laugh or smile or be light hearted. His expression was mostly grave or judged inappropriate by her. Sometimes she could see him being sarcastic and mocking some of his fellow pilots, with the most hardened of the tranees.

It took her several months before she realized that he spoke a different language from hers with those hardened trainee pilots, and she felt left out for some reason. With them he was able to laugh and smile on rare occasions, and this made her feel reassured about him.

About 5 weeks into his training, they met by accident in the street. She was tired and nervous about a mission she was going on with the new trainees on a new planet just a reconnaissance mission in the field for a few days. That days in the street, he walked straight up to her, and announced that he was sorry but he would not make it with the rest of the trainees on the field test flight for the training, because of family matters. For the first time he smiled at her and looked into her eyes, for the first time he looked human to her. She tried to ask about his family, but his facial expression reverted into the usual hurt expression and reflected some kind of pain. He smiled at her again, and resumed his distant allure, then he stopped listening to her and walked away from her.

When she and the others had returned from flight, she found out that he joined another squadron during their absence to continue with the training, which she was really happy about.

He joined extra flight time in her team on her return and his flying skills improved dramatically. She noticed that he no longer was afraid of looking into her eyes and to smile at her. Every time she addressed him, he would still make a pause and stare at her before answering and this she could not explain. His glance was always harder than any of the other trainees, until she started smiling at him, and he would allow himself to smile back at her now.

It was only about another month later that she realized that he came from Maramar, an isolated vast ocean where the water was darker, colder, deeper, but also one of the only few remaining war zones on the planet. In actual fact, her own governors had many interests in Maramar and there were rumours that her governors were behind the territory conflict in the area. Maramar was a war zone, full of deadly radiation areas, due to mass destruction weapons leakage, parts of it was nothing more than a waste land these days, when this part of her planet used to have the purest and most beautiful oceans and fish that were in existence in the universe.

She only heard rumors about that land, but met anybody from there. Part of her could now see that there was an immense barrier of prejudice and fear concerning her and Maramar’s customs. The men in that part of the world were said to be brutal, violent, and have a deep hatred of women. Women were said to be nothing other than prisoners at best, when they were not precious merchandise, that Maramar’s men would sell or trade against more powerful weapons. Maramar was made up of several independent democracies, and she asked him one day where from Maramar was he. When she asked him that, again there was a pause, a period of confusion and darkness in his glance, the usual lack of emotion and expression arose, then he seemed embarrassed to say that he was from Pakishutamar. The radiation area that her governors were bombarding with ferocious weapons for almost ten years now. This was the now deserted area that was transformed into a desert of radioactive waste water.

It was only a few days after that that she understood the reason of his constant hesitations before replying to her: he could not understand her language and he needed time to process the words and the context.

Of course none of this would usually have allowed him to be one of the planet’s imperial fighters, but his top scores meant that he was almost a national hero in terms of speed, intelligence, reflexes and flight reflex responses. His selection had been highly unconventional, but his results and tests allowed him to possibly one day outrank her.

Selection day came, and the trainees had to decide on their future path, in accordance to their superiors evaluation. He and his flight trainees had to decide on their future and make a choice regarding their squadrons. Her superior spoke to him that evening he had to announce his first choice. She was at the back of the office pretending filing paper work and chat to her colleague. In truth she was feeling shy at the thought of facing him and his family. She did not want to be the one deciding of his life path and career, so she left her superior have the talk with him that night, while she almost hid from him and his family.

She was supposed to be there and listen to his choice and allow it or turn him down, but she just did not have the heart to see him that night. She remained in her office till the conversation was over, and the choices were made. Her superior had accepted him remaining in her own squadron, his first choice. This knowing made her feel safe and happy for reasons that were beginning to be clear to her now.

In fact, he was going to be her co-flight pilot 5 hours per week, as his training score was off the scale, only to equal her own scores and even beat her own records for some of the tests

Once the decisions were made, she had to pretend to go out of her office to signal him that she was there. As he was filling out papers and was supposed to listen to both their superiors, he finally saw her. He had been wondering where she was for the past half hour, and again he could not focus on anybody other than her. The way she moved had become an obsession for him. He wondered how much of his feelings she could sense by now. His reaction to her entering the room made him too aware of his own feelings for the first time. He had thought that this was not more than a little crush for somebody that he admired and thought of highly. Which he always felt was a natural response, given his interests in life.

But now that he had found himself looking the room for her for so long, his feelings became much too clear suddenly. Of course he knew that relationships were not permitted in the flight squadrons of defense, and accepting this new role, meant that he could only dream of her for a long time. Not accepting this post, would mean perhaps never seeing her again.

He loved the way she smiled to him that night when she caught him stare at her again that night in the office. The past week, he could not take his eyes of her in flight classes, and she surprised him observe her several times. She tried to hide her surprise or embarrassment in front of the rest of the trainees, but once she could not help shouting his name during one of the flight simulations, which surprised the rest of the trainees. When he got all the enemy ships, she screamed : ”Yes !! Somebody is following my advice here !” Then realized that was not received very well by the others.

As she could feel his glance almost burn her body with passion, she smiled and spoke to someone else, leaving the room pretending to be busy.

When he left the room, she discussed his choice with her superior and they were both glad to have him in their team from then on. He had come a very long way in a short space of time, and she was not going to stand in his way.

His scores were not the only thing that had become impressive. His language skills improved, he made new good friends, he was smiling to them, joking and even laughing in the past few months, he enforced her policies and procedures for the others, when some of the younger trainees did not wish to follow the rules.

He continued with the extra flights in her company, and was now behaving like a normal person at last. No more darkness in his glance and face, no more hatred to be seen, his face had opened up to her, as well as his heart, which was there for her taking. He could no longer take his eyes of her when she was speaking. He was now following her dematerialization experiment’s classes.

One day was so warm that she had to remove the top of her uniform, and since that day his smile never disappeared from his face in her presence. In fact he could no longer stop glancing at her every opportunity he had. Her heart in turn softened up as she could see how a beautiful being his truly was and although he went through a great ordeal, he never complained about any of the horrors he had witnessed in his life, nor could he speak of it to her. She enjoyed watching him interact with his new friends, he had become like a kid, innocent, light hearted, chatty and carefree. She loved so much seeing him act normal, after all the hardship he went through.

From her planet, he must have known she was in deep trouble and he was helping her stay alive by giving her a good reason to live. She regained consciousness in the middle of a fire around her, and chose to follow his courage and will to survive.

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