On Telepathy and Dreams – MultidiOcean 19 March 2014

 untitledHi guys! Just wanted to share a little about my experience wtih telepathy for the past few years and see if any of you share similar experiences. First of all, I have mentioned dreams lately and communication through dreams. This is along the lines of collective dreaming and telepathy, as more than one other person was involved, in reoccuring dreams about the same person several nights in a row. I have to admit I have had several similar episodes in my life over the past 4 years or so, when it has been obsolutely clear to me that the connection in dreams was a very real connect, as it continued in the awakened state all those times.
I have also had telepathc communications with ETs while asleep, but funnily enough, that did feel like a lot more than a dream.. The brain was able to experience and of being aware of telepathic conversations with Galactic beings while asleep.
Finally, the most intersting experiences I have had so far, is when suddenly I am reminded of someone or something, and suddenly that person contacts me, out of the blue, or that thing happens.
However, the more extreme version of that is when a person suddenly appears in my head. It is the equivalent of someone shouting at you, ie … it is impossible to ignore them.. litterally..it is a lot more than a simple reminder.
It is a direct telepathic link, which feels and must be very real on some level. The image that comes to mind is having water communicate between 2 recipients via a long tube. It is like an activation of some kind, a switch is being turned on suddenly, and the water flows into my mind. This water signal carries images, emotions, feelings, past actions, past conversations, even access to Akashic Records, and relationships with others.
It is a very intense thing to experience and can be drainng if only emotionally. This I do experience when channeling, but also with some very few human beings living on the Earth here and now.
On one level, I know that we are all connected, and it is evident to me that we are in more than one way. On a more hightened level, I am more connected with specific people via telepathy.
Perhaps it is because they are more powerful psychics, perhaps because there is a soul or group soul connection, perhaps because of an additional link, such as family or love relationship.
Strangely enought, the telepathy is not an exclusive ability, it is subtle, gentle, kind most of the time.
However it will also allow through more negative emtions into your psyche, so you need to sense those and neutralise them with vibrations of love, forgiveness and understanding.
In other words, if you sense negativity coming from someone, thebest response is to protect yourself physically and psychically by acknowledging their emotions towards you, and dropping all violence on the ground, take distance from that person if needed, and send them love and understanding, when you are able to reach that point within yourself.
Love to all. MultidiOcean.

About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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14 Responses to On Telepathy and Dreams – MultidiOcean 19 March 2014

  1. cuthelain says:

    I have had telepathic experiences and like you have shared dreams if you can call them that. It something that I haven’t quite got a handle on though there is no consistency in the experiences.

  2. I don’t remember my dreams and can until now only talk with beings behind the veil.

  3. bambushoe says:

    Interesting post. A few years ago I read a book called “beyond the himalayas” by Dr. Murdo Macdonald Bayne. I have never since heard the process of telepathy as well explained as in this book. Here is what it says:
    Telepathy interested me very much, for here was something that I could use with effect in my own healing work, and I lost no time in getting down to real practice. I developed an amazing power to read Geshi Tung La’s mind, perhaps because we were very much in tune with each other, and I was interested in the work that I fell into it naturally. While he spoke in Tibetan I spoke in Hindustani, to help to form our thoughts. I found it very simple—it came to me without effort.
    Geshi Tung La’s explanation to me was like this: Thoughts make waves in the ether similar to radio waves. It is common knowledge that there is a multiple number of radio waves in the ether at the same time, and not one interferes with the other. These invisible waves become audible when you have an instrument to receive them. They are modified and transformed back into sound.
    “Now,” said Tung La, “man also has a broadcasting and a receiving set. The pituitary gland is the projecting organ, and the pineal gland is the receiving organ. Thought waves are sent out by one person to another person who, if he be in tune, will receive them. This must be
    done without effort. At the receiving end you must not try to interpret consciously; you must allow the feeling to come into the mind. This feeling is transformed into thought and you begin
    to know what is received. “It is a sort of feeling, not really thinking, for thinking sets in motion the pituitary gland and this distorts the receiving mechanism of the pineal gland.”
    I found that this was true. When I tried to think what he was saying in Tibetan I could not get it completely, but, when I did not try, the whole formation of his thoughts was “received.”
    Tung La said: “You are a natural born receiver. Because you are a medium you speak from inspiration; you just speak without thinking!”
    I replied: “That is perfectly true. If I thought what I was going to say, I would find myself floundering; but when I just speak as I feel, and feel as I speak, the flow is perfect.”
    “That is correct,” he told me. “You do not need any instruction in telepathy, as you are a born medium for it. There are many like you—but few have found it out.”

    Thought that it may be of interest to you. Good luck with mastering telepathy, it is quite an art and it takes years to perfect.

    • I entirely resonate with what you are saying… in fact i do know people who tried hard for years… without much success, because the thinking interferes too much in the natural flow of energy and the natural balance.
      I thank you for this wonderul input,and thank you for identifying the pituary gland.
      This is what the Galactics hinted at for me when i could not project thoughts as efficiently as them: “you are not equipped yet in your Earth human body to send telepathy signals”. They said that to me after I tried to send projections back to them very hard in my dreams, but struggled a lot to be a percentage as effective as they are… it did feel like a very strong activity going on in that part of the brain for me when receiving their messages and trying to project the way that they do. xo

  4. vendo4151 says:

    Hello Laura, .. the way you describe the whole thing including the dream work sounds basically identical to what Sierra Neblina talks about as being her main thing. Her work primarily. The similarities stands out big time. I know she is active on facebook, website galacticu.com, and at blogtalk radio. ….. If you are looking for feedback on these experiences of yours, …. you two sound to me like 2 peas in a pod! …. Maybe consider throwing her an email some time.

  5. Janet C says:

    I have people I know regularly making an appearance in my dreams. Funnily, they are the ones who are in the holistic circles, and I’m never sure if it’s really them or my subconscious creations of them, representing my spiritual friends. I just know it’s a good time whenever I see them! I also lucid dream often, but these are frequently me being alone, or with beautiful lights, with one exception having me walking into the astral, as it happened, and meeting an extremely helpful person, I also have extremely vivid dreams sometimes of alien looking beings (always unlike anything I’d expect), and being very curious and happy to meet them. I would be so disappointed if I’m just creating all these experiences without any actual interactions with others!

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