Important Question on Futur Book Writing – MultidiOcean

iStock_000009319083Small-1Hi guys, what has come out of the mystery man story, after having talked things out with a few friends is that I need to put some of my experiences, ideas, memories in writing.
It seems right now that I am going to go with writing a book during the summer. The book would be based on either the story of how i came to Earth or on my life in Atlantis towards the end days.

It will also include some channeled material and teachings, but for the sake of the general public, it will be called a sci-fi book for all intends and purposes. It may not be published under this name, but I will let you know of progress on this.
A few people have asked me to go ahead and write a novel, and some of those folks are in the publishing industry. 
It would not matter if the book is only a sci-fi book, as it would hopefully touch the minds and subconscious of many people, and hopefully it may be put into a movie.
It does not need to be a hollywood movie, but I think my male actor has given me the thumbs up for the past week 
first things first, please tell me if you prefer the book to be about Atlantis or about Arriving on Earth a few million years ago, and have a war broke out, and how we survived, and how we died.. etc..
Let me know in comments, on email or any other way please 

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9 Responses to Important Question on Futur Book Writing – MultidiOcean

  1. Dear Laura,
    It sounds all fantastic. It might be interesting to put it into chronological order and start by how you came and then later on do a zoom in on your adventures in Atlantis. What do you think?
    Blessings and good luck on your projects.

    • that would be way too long and complex.. and there are 2 totally different stories.. not connected what so ever.. well.. not for sci -fi… i think.. besides, there is so much detail to each story, that it would take too long to get into that.. it needs to be broken up.. but it can be part of a saga or something.. in several parts 🙂 which is a great idea 🙂 thank you !! 🙂

      • Yes Laura, this is what I had in mind, breaking git up in several books. Personally when a story is a good one I never want ti to finish! Lol. Plus you wouldn’t have to stress out about piling it up in just one volume! So, by creating two separate series one dedicated to the first coming and then the other one dedicated to Atlantis, you get a much bigger potential customer wise as well…ok, that’s also much more work for you. So that project might be spreading over a couple of years really. Good luck 🙂 Love and light. ❤

      • thank you Wilow ! yes, as a starter, i want to see how the readers respond to the 1st book, which has to be the opening and most interesting in one way, and get people interested in a follow up.. well.. there are folks dying at the end of it.. but then.. rebirth.. 🙂 it happens 🙂
        so it would make sense to start with the Earth arrival first 🙂
        and we can hope that by then the Galactics will be with us.. or would show up for the premier 🙂 !!

      • Oh Gosh yes, the arrival would be your best “Premiere!”. Lol. It all sound promising. I can’t wait to start reading. Please let us know how things are evolving and how hard or easy you find the experience. I am writing a novel at the moment too, It’s always finding the time to sit down to do it I find difficult because once I am in it it really flows. I wish all the the best of luck and inspiration. Go for it girl! Lots and lots of love and light to you and success.

      • thank you dear Willow !! best of luck to you as well lovely 🙂 I won”t be starting for another few weeks.. and won’t be really starting till mid June.. when my classes are over.. and i would have to look for full time work then, and also i will have to move house and country.. but i am sure i will get started when i have a few minutes to myself :)… if that ever happens !! 🙂 i am sure the Galactics will make sure it will happen though 😉

  2. I think a book on Atlantis and a book on the Earth and its beginnings would be good. Might have to write it as a novel, or sci fi, but can put in the truth about what happened. I think it would help awaken humanity, by helping us remember our lives on earth. Follow your heart as to what to do.

  3. vendo4151 says:

    Hi Laura. … I voted, … but I’m not too sure about trying to influence your approach in such an undertaking. It strikes me as ultimately an intensely personal pursuit. Wishing you great success and fulfillment! May the force be with you!!! .. 🙂

    PS … have you ever heard of the old saying: “no book is ever written, they are edited” …. They say that making a book is intensely different than most people think.

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