more about the missing plane taken from an email conversation with a friend – multidimensional ocean

more about the missing plane taken from an email conversation with a friend:
 i know, it may sound a little far fetched.. and it may have been, but as you may have read a few weeks ago, i did post that weird dream about being in a plane, where i was asleep in a bed, the air hostess came in with breakfast or tea into my room. She was wearing a green uniform, and then suddenly hit the plane super violently and suddenly.. at the same time, alarm syrens went off in the plane, and we quickly started losing altitude and control of the plane. for some reason i knew that the plane was hit by a missile, by accident, and that the front of the plane was hit. and the pilots had lost total control of the plane, because of the hit.. in fact i even wonder if the pilots were still in the plane, or if the missile took them out.. which could explain the no may day call … and this happened in my dream over the ocean.. and i knew that there was nothing that could be done at this point.. this was as sure as hell.. this was my dream.

and i have seen with my own eyes and again i did write of this.. in October a red ufo about 10 meters away from my window.. i could see the windows.. and we had our usual interactions .. and they did respond to me by flashing red lights when i was asking them questions.. they came to reassure me about flying.. as i was super terrified… i also wrote about me having been in world word 2 as a co-pilot or navigator.. anyway. that flight did not end well for me, and since i am over terrified of flying.. hence they trying to help me overcome this, as it is important for me to be able to do what i do now.. and they and my higher self insist that this is what i must do .. so.. anyway, ever since, when i fly they talk to me, and do tell me not to worry, that they are authorized to help me, and last time i did ask them, while in the plane, what about the other passengers.. and after a longer consideration than usual,, they did say that if possible all would be saved if needed. and we agreed on it.. and since, i sleep in planes like a new born baby!! lol

i even took pictures of my flight last time..and that i have also posted.. and i did find out, after posting the photos on facebook that there were 2 ufos there..  and when i took those photos, i could hear them guide my hand point the camera, although i could not see any ufo with my naked eye (i have bad eye sight without glasses).. anyway.. here they were, while i could hear them guide me to take photos, and where, and i also hear them telll me: “”take pictures of space now” and again, it is funny, i only took about 8 photos maximum.. and it happened that in 2 of those i captured UFO.. without me being able to see them.. lol

you know what i mean.. it is just too much for this to be a coincidence.. and of course, i do get those dreams for big events.. like 9/11.. i had a dream about it 1 week before it happened.. so.. you know what i mean…. with the phones ringing, and the rest of the mysteries… there is ZERO doubt in my mind that this is what actually happened..

i do believe that the plane was hit by some kind of missile by accident, some kind of experimental weapon gone wrong.. and the plane was going down, with no hppe of recovery.. and the ufos beaned the people in.. and took remote control of the plane and deactivated all the electonics on-board.. which is very common for ufos to do…EM pulse etc… i do get the message now, that it was a close call, but that like me, they also knew that this would happen, so the galctics waited for the plane and were all ready to go before it happened.. and that it could be a way into disclosure .. and opening others mind and making the world concerned..

oh. .. i did not receive any more info at the time about it.. and i don’t believe that it is possible to know too much, even for our galactic and angel family.. untill things unfold.. i do believe that this is the genuine reason that message seem not to be accurate.. it is because it is all in the making by us, and can change at any time..

oh.. on the plane.. i am also getting someone telling me that the ETs had to make the call quickly whether they were really gonna act on this for the 1st time in history.. but someone said to go for it anyway,.. even if not sure of the consequences.. someone actually said on the ufo: lets do it quickly, no time to waste.. we can do the paperwork later and consult everybody and get all opinions on what to do.. and giggled and went to rescue whoever could be saved 

i am also told that with their technology, they can predict a certain amount of events, like in probabilities, and they are very psychics also.. but still when it really happens, they are like us: “”what we do now that it IS happening” sort of thing 


we will see.. hugs laura

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One Response to more about the missing plane taken from an email conversation with a friend – multidimensional ocean

  1. Sarah E. Martin says:

    Do you think Laura, that the authorities will admit that the plane was hit by an errant missile test? And were the ETs that rescued the passengers and crew our beloved Pleiadeans?

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