My Take on the Malayasian plane by multidimensional ocean

As a regular passenger on flights, I have to share something here about the Malaysian missing plane.. 239 passengers on board … plane missing over the sea.. Do people recall me having had a dream that i was in a plane that was shot down by a missile – possibly by accident over the ocean? i was onboard in my dream… now this has happened… how odd.. Frank Tobin, i do also recall your experience with the dream of the plane that crashed into the ocean 3 weeks after you had your dream..
I do genuinely believe, and i pray that this is the case for the people.. that the plane was somehow rescued by our galactic brothers, if it was indeed shot down by mistake during some shooting exercice..
and the fact that the phones are still on, but nobody is answering could mean that the people were rescued, but may be injured and cannot answer.. and of course, they many not be allowed answer, because of their situation.. i would say that their mobiles were stored away from them, and that they are considering what to do with them and the plane..
as you know, last time i traveled i took a few pictures of 2 UFOs, and i was told by our space brothers that in case of an emergency, they are allowed to rescue me by beaming me out of the plane, if they are unable to stabilize it in case of emergency… to which i have said, thanks, but what about the rest of the people on board.. and they were left thinking… i got an answer saying that it is more than likely that if possible all on board would be saved in case of danger.. so.. there you go..
this is my personal take on it.. time will hopefully tell and i do believe the passengers will be allowed back to their loved ones as soon as some official route has been opened between our galactic siblings and us . This incident may open a new route into Disclosure. Our beloved galactic family would not allow innocent people to die if it can be helped  even if they cannot speak the usual route, i do believe that the families on Earth of those concerned will be conntacted one way or another to they will be told if only in dreams that their loved ones are well and looked after. love and prayers for our friends who have possibly made contact when not ready for it.. i am sure they feel the love and protection  hence the pilot did not call a may day.. they never must have felt treathened i hope.

love. laura

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6 Responses to My Take on the Malayasian plane by multidimensional ocean

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  2. vendo4151 says:

    Hi Laura, … I am certainly not the only one who is reminded by this occurrence of the famous (here in the US anyway) TWA Flight 800 in 1996. Only a dozen or so miles after take-off in New York in route to Paris. A jumbo jet, Boeing 747, suddenly explodes over Long Island sound at only about 14,000 feet. Many witnesses see the mountain of flames and pieces falling into the sound. Only about a 50 meters deep into the water, not deep there. So all was recovered and then a massive cover-up ensued. It was known and talked about all over the news that there was a military exercise going on right in that area. And this was admitted by the military, they had to. But they said it wasn’t shot down by them of course. There was after a long time the report determining that there was a technical and rare defect in the planes fuel tank. Many, many people know this is nonsense. And there have been several top-notch whistle blowers since then.

    The point is, … there was obviously a cover-up, .. and this missing plane has all the earmarks of a cover-up as well. Wreckage is always found in the ocean when a plane goes down there. A lot of stuff will float, .. a lot! And there should be signal beacons as well as the transponders sending out homing signals. But there is nothing at all! ….. This is BS Laura, … for sure. We don’t know what happened but there is definitely a cover-up.

    With the flight 800 we know that the victims were not saved by ETs. All the bodies were recovered. I think it almost certain that all those people died a quick death and are in pain no more.

    • agreed Vendo, i will also share here what i posted on email:


      oh.. on the plane.. i am also getting someone telling me that the ETs had to make the call quickly whether they were really gonna act on this for the 1st time in history.. but someone said to go for it anyway,.. even if not sure of the consequences.. someone actually said on the ufo: lets do it quickly, no time to waste.. we can do the paperwork later and consult everybody and get all opinions on what to do.. and giggled and went to rescue whoever could be saved 🙂

      i am also told that with their technology, they can predict a certain amount of events, like in probabilities, and they are very psychics also.. but still when it really happens, they are like us: “”what we do now that it IS happening” sort of thing 🙂


      • vendo4151 says:

        Very cool Laura!!! …. The Orion Council of Light isn’t going to like this!!! … lol! … They are well known to be basically non-interventionists. …. Too late! …. Too bad!

      • heheh.. indeed… many voices are taking their time in the Earth disclosure at the moment, and not all agree to keeping the mascaade going on for ever because of lack of decision…. so.. a decision had to be made quick in this case.. and they said they will deal with all the debating after saving the folks onboard.. 🙂 !

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