Virtual Connection Leading to Relief via internet – Message from Higher Self – 9 March 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody,
just wanted to pass on a new message from my Higher Self. I will rephrase it, as it has been coming in waves throughout the day today.
First point: too many of us are stressed, and not letting go of fears and ego. This is natural, and it is no criticism to any of us. However, the first step towards liberation from these is to to see it. and as soon as it is seen, let go of it. Something has been addressed just by the seeing.
Secondly there are many of us that become really connected in special ways through the internet. This does not only mean when we interact online, although this is obvious when it happens that we have come together for a specific purpose. In particular around this weekend, there has been many of us connecting with others, but from behind the seen, without the others direct knowing. The knowing takes place in the subconsicous, and on the higher planes levels. 
This weekend has been amazing for travel through time for many of us, and through past lives. Many of us were very tired this weekend, and full of emotional baggage.
The connection that took place over the weekend, has helped many of us move and this has manifested through dreams last night, whether you recall this or not. It certainly happened for me. A sense of liberation should ensue and an intense relief for no apparent reason.
We are now ready to work in a very focused manner, after the clearing that took place during the weekend.
Enjoy the last few hours of connection with those who matter to you, and those who were brought close to you this weekend in this manner.
Hugs. Laura Multidimensionalocean

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15 Responses to Virtual Connection Leading to Relief via internet – Message from Higher Self – 9 March 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

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  2. I am so happy that we are already connected in this life and in others too. I love you sweetheart ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. vendo4151 says:

    Glad to hear about your special weekend Laura. You deserve it. You are so busy that perhaps you are not aware that many people have been predicting for a while now a big energy influx for March followed by very big worldly events for late spring to early summer. Including and most notably James Gilliland. It is not like him to make time-sensitive statements, so that was a real grabber for me. I have been following him since the very early 2000s and I don’t recall him ever doing that before. It hasn’t been his style. I know you have little free time but I will include here a recent radio program of James’ (his own program) just in case. … bye now and hugs

    • thank you Lawrence!! super cool! i will not have time to listen to him, but i will post it now for the readers 🙂
      and thanks for the update! 🙂
      to be honest, it has been stale mate for a long while now, so it would be good to finally get the ball rolling!! 😉

      • vendo4151 says:

        You’re welcome Laura. It was such a shocker coming from James that I emailed him recently encouraging him to fill us in a little more on upcoming radio programs(his own show is weekly). So I will fill you in if I get any more directly from him or via radio, in one way or another. … bye bye

      • thanks so much!! would be brilliant~! i am listening to him for a while now, it is so interesting.. he is spot on as usual!
        here there is a statement… : “don’t shoot the messenger”… just because he explains what the cabal is up to, it does not make him part of the Archons.. oh.. dear.. no wonder that cabal is attacking him all the time, and spreading disinfo about him.. :/ hugs and thanks

      • vendo4151 says:

        Hey Laura, .. I thought I would let you know that I checked the post on Indy for James’ radio program and the utube doesn’t come up on the post.

      • yeah. i know.. my whole website went down since i posted him.. !! lol… poor James.. him and I are for sure on the watch list.. :/ will keep an eye on it.. this never happened before.. lol

      • got it up and running with google chrome.. but firefox just is not showing it !! lol.. interesting… :/ xo

      • vendo4151 says:

        Glad it’s up now, .. it’s a dynamite program. And glad you are hearing some of it. Especially the part I mentioned I hope. PS… All I ever use is Firefox, and I can see it alright. So it is possibly one of those script things that comes up with Firefox occasionally. …. Good night Laura, and have a great week … xo

      • yup! listened to that part 🙂 good u can see it now 🙂

  4. vendo4151 says:

    Hey Laura, .. that wasn’t exactly the program I thought it was. It is the only recent one on utube of James’ weekly program, and I thought it was the one in particular that I had in mind. But it isn’t. Although James does cover the subject there, he first covers a lot of other things and then a caller comes on that goes into it for a bit with him. But it isn’t the one where James talks about what I brought up in more detail. Sorry about that. But it is the only recent one on utube anyway. On other programs he has talked quite a bit about this March influx and what is likely to come from it. And when. Sorry that wasn’t the one. If I can find it and it is something you can post I will send it to you. It is there, but only in download form at the radio station. But possibly also on an interview on utube as well, .. I’m not sure now. Will check.

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