Note on Auroradreamflight by Laura

Enders-Game-2013-HD-Movie-WallpaperHave a great Auroradreamflight everybody! It looks like some of us might have had some training near Venus! guys! please… try to be quite.. we don’t really need the attention of the Earth media.. lol.. oh wait.. perhaps we do! 
Did you guys read about the huge explosion on Venus .. humm… i guess we have to train somewhere.. right? lol (Check out the DailyGalaxy for more details:
Oh! if you want to have a feeling of the dreamflight I had on 20th Feb. and of what space neutralizing fight is like, watch Ender’s Game.. the final battle room is pretty much like that and so is the technology.. except one person has multiple shots and targets.. and of course… we don’t kill anybody! we neutralize weapons by rendering them useless  !! much better .. would have been the best option for Ender too. I believe..images (3)

In actual fact what he says to Petra when he runs out of the facility pretty much describes the Aurora dreamflight … “they think to us.” and.. i was not dreaming, they were talking to me..or something along those lines 🙂
Here is a link to the movie:

Have a great flight and session everybody !

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