You Can Live in Both Worlds – Message from SaLuSa and my guides 22 Feb 2014 – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

1970439_10152023877074023_467519914_nDear ones, we come again to salute your work and courage on Mother Earth. As we said in the previous message, many of you feel weak, tired, uncertain of the future, fearful. Many also have their life in danger, because of living in combat zomes, or for not having enough to fulfil your necessary needs.

We do all that we can to support you emotionally in many cases, and to have you with us as much as possible. For many of you, this is the life path that was agreed upon, or simply the consequences of karmic law. We have no right to interfere in your ordinary life and decisions for this life. You must experience what was agreed by your life planning.

We can offer you emotional and spiritual support to lighten your burden in many cases, but our duty is not to interfere with free, karma or life learning experiences in any way.

We encourage you to do more physical activity, even if it is only cooking and cleaning the house under the adverse outdoor weather experienced in the northern hemisphere. The matter is: how do you do those tasks. Are you trying to be present in some way, are you trying to experience yourself while engaged in outer tasks, or are you simply getting swollen by outer events and demands, rushing to get the job done?

Are you aware of Mother Earth under your feet, offering you her kind love, support and peace at any moment? Are you aware of your breath from time to time? Are you aware of spirit above you? Or animal presence, loving, silent and kind near by? Are you aware of friends, in the distance seeking thinking of you? Many humans are ascended beings in full possession of the ascended powers, although very few are aware of that, and even fewer are able to use the gifts that come with that kind of power.

Our host had a wonderful few experiences just a while ago, while she was preparing food. She suddenly connected with some friends who are thinking of her and trying to guide her through her ordeal. Friends that she thinks are far, and have forgotten about her, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Those who have supported and guided her are still doing so from a distance. When those beings will leave the planet and release their human body to return to Mother Earth, they will still guide her and encourage her path.

Liberation is not always what one think or expects. The smallest step in the right direction can manifest as a true sense of freedom and happiness. Sometimes, the gates of heaven can open above one’s head for no apparent reason. We wish to remind you at this point that it is possible to lead an Earthly life, seemingly entirely ordinary and at the same time be connected to the higher realms, with spirit and live your life while fully connect to higher self.

In some way, one can say that one live in both worlds: the world of ordinary life and the world of spirit. That step can be taken for many of you. Expand your horizons, your awareness of your surroundings. Include in your presence, your thoughts, your feelings, your muscular energy. Are you cutting potatoes with the force of splitting logs? Are you aware of your muscular tensions?

Energy never disappears; it is transformed, dear ones. There is no need to fear the death of loved ones or your own. Once a human leaves his or her human body behind, the energy that inhabited this body is transformed and goes back home, in the realm that allows for the continuation of its existence.

I am SaLuSa from Sirus and encourage you to experience the higher realms for yourself in the here and now. It can be done while in your human costume and it will bring you back all hope and joy back into your life. It will give you the meaning that you have been searching for ever since you touched upon Mother Earth’s soil. There is no need to wait for death to experience the higher realms. Many of you are ready for the experience and are needed to step fully into their roles at this time.

Much love, dear Earth brothers and sisters

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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17 Responses to You Can Live in Both Worlds – Message from SaLuSa and my guides 22 Feb 2014 – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Wonderful message as always. He knows what we need to hear. Thank you my lovely one and beloved SaLuSa. I love you both ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you everybody for the likes and the reblogs 🙂 xoxoxo love and light to all

  3. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura!

  4. autumn says:

    I was patiently waiting for this. Laura thank you dear. SaLuSa passed through here just the other day. I am so grateful.

  5. vendo4151 says:

    there’s a room where the light won’t find you
    holding hands when the walls come tumbling down
    when they do I’ll be right beside you
    I’m so glad we’ve almost made it

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