My Dreamflight of the 20 Feb. 2014 – Peace Missiles :)

images (2)Well I had an amazing dreamflight on Aurora.. Indy woke me up a few times during the night and my partner too, but every time i was awaken, I was blown away by what was going on my dreamflight!!
I sadly don’t recall much.. other than when i woke up.. a few glimpses that i tried to recall..
glimpse 1: I was among a team of friends, all very strongly connected. We were reviewing my life, but not in a scary or negative way.. no we were just looking at it from a detached and curious point of view, with no prejudice. Just a bunch of friends and collegues trying to help me out on a few Earthly things  was just awesome to feel their energy and love in the same room with me. Part of me did feel as if i was back at school when i woke up, i mean in the way that one is surrounded by friends and in the way their energy felt young and vibrant.
glimpse 2: I am now doing telekinetic training. I am with an expert and a friend of mine from the Aurora. We are in a kind of holosuite room. I am wearing a kind of helmet, it is black, and it blocks outside thoughts from coming to me, as well as having some kind of enhancing abilities of linking my thoughts and materializing them into being.
My friend/ expert is explaining to me: “”well. that is all right, it just means that you are going to have to wear a helmet when in combat if you want to work with telekinetics as a means of weaponery and neutralizing spaceships. Your current brain form as a human does not allow for such link between thought and patern formation at this stage yet. It will, but in the meantime, you are going to have to fight with this helmet on. It is working as good as if you did not need it, you don’t need to worry about it. It is very effective and has been working for ever with others in similar situations as you.
Of course, that is only if you want to go ahead with the program after all. I am telling you. Don’t you be bothered by this for now, it is only temporary. But with it, as you have just seen, you can materialize your own weapons and direct them as projectiles onto. Not many of us can use their thoughts as weapons, and with this, you will be able to direct and guide them as if it was not even there. It is up to you. It is there for you. Your decision.””
Ok.. so as I woke up, I also wondered why in the name of….. would I want to use telekinetics as a weapon and directing projectiles? .. well.. that part is totally unknown.. no idea what I am up to up there.. i think we / I are /am planning some kind of offensive… it sounds like something out of the Matrix.. does it not?
Oh those missiles types of weapons are interdimensional, they are transparent and white, much longer and wider than regular war heads. They don’t move through space, they move through time, and materialize more and more as they reach the target. At this point, I need to take active control of them, because they could turn dangerous at any point in time, so I need to be 100 % accurate here. I need accuracy when hitting the targets. I am talking about multiple war like missiles, targeting multiple targets at once, those manifest, are directed and activated with the mind. When they hit their target, they dissolve into a white smoke type of substance, and reintegrate the higher dimensions. It is quite a sight to see them hit target in space, against the dark/ pitch black matter of space. amazing to see them hit enemy ships and ignite 🙂
In fact I was able to totally control their speed, and also make them change trajectory thanks to the helmet ! 🙂
To be honest I had/ have a rank in tactical with the Galactic Federation as far as I know.. so no surprise there for me as to what I am up to during dreamflight..
oh. no worries by the way.. i think it is some kind of space warfare I am involved in… probably defense. I also think that those weapons work as neutralizing weapons, much like we have seen the GFL neutralize nuclear weapons on Earth.. this is our kind of weapon in space battles. Our missiles go for neutralizing all enemy weapons and apparently.. . we can manifest those by though alone… although if you are anything like me, you may well need a helmet too.. but apparently again.. it is no reason for concern of shame 
please feel free to share you own experiences/ dreams 
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5 Responses to My Dreamflight of the 20 Feb. 2014 – Peace Missiles :)

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Wow. I kinda always felt since I met you that you might be from the same place as I am or similar and the helmet and mind control missiles really adds to that feeling:-).

    I almost never remember anything tho I always set intention to go whenever possible. But at home we have what my friend calls battlesuit technology that allows us
    to use our natural energy ability in enhanced ways-without depleting ourselves.

    Like the GF ( which I’m pretty sure I also work with sometimes) we use the energy in ways that neutralizes threats but rarely causes harm (tho it used to be used pretty harmfully before the effort to eradicate all war)

    That you can recall that and post it without being warned not to gives me more confidence that the service to self lot on Earth are in
    checkmate than anything else so far:-)

    Perhaps they have expanded the use of that tech to other species tho. I do recall knowing the GF
    were starting something like that. I can’t wait to get my memory filled back in-its odd feeling so strongly that I know and love people but having no idea beyond the feeling itself why I feel that way:-)

    I’m starting to feel a sense of anticipation tho like it won’t be that much longer before we all know a lot more of what is going on.

  2. thank you dear Dorian for this wonderfully amazing confirmation! wow !! man! is this cool or what !! 🙂 Yes, i definitively want to be a galactic !! 🙂 well.. if I am not one already ! 🙂
    i so enjoyed your comment! as always ! he he!! last night was pretty much the same. lots of action, but i don’t remember much of it.. it was even more action than the 1st night. perhaps i am not allowed speaking of it.. it is always difficult to decide what I can post or not..
    hugs, Laura

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