Personal Message from Laura Multidimensional Ocean – 19 Feb. 2014

Personal Message from Laura Multidimensional Ocean – 19 Feb. 2014
Just a quick remark about the current energies. It is all up in the air, all out and about. We are battered by wind, storms, floods, cold, long nights, long working hours, perhaps long commutes, stress, family, children, elderly family, or ill family needing help also from us.
It seems to me that many around me, including me, are pushed in all directions, and pressurized by external circumstances and demands.
How difficult to make room for our own human basic needs for balance, love, happiness, for our interests, to relax and to be in the company of loved ones. 
It feels to me like the winter is never-ending, like we are in Narnia or the land of storms.
The question is: how to make space inside for the light within, and to allow the emergence of what and who I really am, in the face of an ongoing stress and fatigue.
I like to try to stop when I realize that events have led to me losing myself in them and to think of my loved ones and the best times in my life. This seems to ground something in me, and allow me for a moment of inner breath and of inner space.
I keep struggling in my ongoing studies and work experience,, not to be swallowed by tons of work, of paperwork, and not to completely disappear into this landscape that is hardly human, when ironically, my job expectations is to be human and behave in a supportive and loving way. However, with all the tasks, paperwork and all demands on me, I find it that I am closer to an automaton than a human being by mid-week.
And of course I am also aware of various sides of me surfacing and reacting in different ways to the outside world and events. I guess it helps me see my duality and to be aware of it.
Much love and please feel to share your own experiences

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8 Responses to Personal Message from Laura Multidimensional Ocean – 19 Feb. 2014

  1. Much Love and Light to you, Laura… Yep… I can relate! 😉

  2. vendo4151 says:

    I strongly sense in New Age circles for a while now and growing, a disappointment and malaise. Also doubt. People have been expecting something amazing to happen for years and nothing has come close to that. How this relates to your post Laura, is that many have been thinking that they just needed to hang on a little longer with the difficult situations of their life, and very soon something big would happen. That something may also be difficult in some ways, but it would represent hope, … real hope. And excitement and expectation.

    The whole world has come under the yoke of a corporate fascism. And either you work for them, or you have very little. And precious few are not the one or the other. The US has been fighting a war for 13 years in Afghanistan and for years we rarely ever even hear anything about it. Mainly because 60% of the US military are not Americans. They are recruited in various 2nd and 3rd world nations with promises of US citizenship eventually, if they live. Most American US troops are not stationed in dangerous places in Afghanistan and all over Africa, the new wild west. So there aren’t a lot of body bags coming back to the US. …. Clever strategy, isn’t it!

    It just goes on and on of course. This is why for many years now I have been interested in and hoping for a type of energetic shift of some type. And I do believe in it. It seems to me the only thing that can create real change before it’s too late. But when is too late, and what is too late? …. Time is the big mystery and a seeming enemy. For individuals and for the world. ………. I suppose in the larger sense, there is no such thing as too late.

    Always wishing for your peace and happiness Laura

    • thank you so much for sharing dear Vendo, i can relate indeed!! (-_^)
      I am lucky because I have been on a purely spiritual journey for the past 37 years, having no expectations, and no knowledge of channeled messages. In fact I only came across them via youtube and then I discovered Mike Quinsey’s messages.This was when i met you online back at GM, this was some.. well.. 3 years ago i guess.. I never dreamt that one day I would publish messages of my own! lol
      Anyway.. i see what you mean, but if you recall, i never had any expectations for 12 12 12, so i guess that i was not as disappointed as many people like you following mesages for years… the truth is that plans do change, even for the higher realms.. i always found messages a help for the heart, a support for us while in 3D, but I would never have dreamt of putting my life on hold waiting for 12 12 12 to come and change my life. so i guess in that respect i am lucky.. we are told that 12 12 12 did make a difference, and it probably did, even though we cannot see any direct signs.. i guess it will take many more years for things to manifest.. i think according to some teaching, we get 1,000 of “nice” in the middle of the dark ages, in which according to that same teaching, we are only in the middle of.. i think it is the kari yugo or something like that.. not sure of the spelling, but i think it is an Indian teaching, not as in North American teaching, but as in Asian teaching 😉 .. so things could be kind of bleak yet.. but hey.. we are at the bigining of 1,000 years of break .. or kind of in the eye of the strom.. one can’t stop from wondering how bad can things get still??? i hope we will break from from this cycle of the kari yuga… :/

      • vendo4151 says:

        Hi Laura, .. perhaps you don’t recall, but I was always skeptical of predictions of dates involving human events. Whether channeled material or interpretations of indigenous beliefs or ancient text. It’s just that so many wanted to hope, and I have and did too. Because the mechanizations of world controllers have steadily gotten worse with many things building to some sort of climax, one thing or another. Something will have to give in multiple areas before long. And some things have already, but not fully apparent yet. I wanted to hope that it would break in hopeful ways rather than tragic ways. I still do. Consider the alternative, it’s that or become a doomsday prepper, …. or one’s head buried in the sand until the stuff really hits the fan. As James Gilliland has liked to say for years, unless you are able to bi-locate or manifest at will, then you better be aware and not aloof. I do not want to be unaware or aloof. And I stubbornly hold on to hope.

      • yes, i do recall that you, like me were not ready to abandon all sense and start believing in the equivalent of Santa Clause.. lol
        well… time will tell, and for sure, humanity has gone through very very dark phases before… and by the looks of it, will keep going and be doing it again sadly.. unless .. hum.. 🙂 xo

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