My Declaration of Independance

Loving the planet and everybody !
Feeling life and love all around.
The Planet’s pulse and breath,
Like that of any other living being.

I am me, the me that I have always been
A little more experienced and patient
Still me however, just a new body every time,
For which I am very grateful for.

I may be older in this body,
But my soul and spirit is still alive,
The spirit of a child.
Sending love and healing to those who need it

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2 Responses to My Declaration of Independance

  1. Hat dies auf Sirian Heaven rebloggt und kommentierte:

  2. vendo4151 says:

    A very good declaration Laura. The spirit of a child. And the prophet said: “you must become as little children”

    I think not only of independence, but also of interdependence. … Oneness. … Part of the same source that gives us everything we are, and in fact is who we are. And everything else. ……….. But the form of independence is also real and important, all seeming contradictions aside.

    May we all know more of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 🙂

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