Mood of the day – 15 Jan 2014

Love you guys!! all of yous  you all rock! and your light is so so so bright and powerful that everybody gets a little bit of it 
The truth will soon come out I feel it very tangibly now, we are all doing a great work for the planet, for all life on Earth and for Humanity.
Fear no more, the cabal is packing up their stuff ! and planning an escape route.. fast !!  woo hoo 

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7 Responses to Mood of the day – 15 Jan 2014

    • t h a n k you dreamwalker! did you see how i mentioned you in one of my last 3 articles? xo

      • Well as you know our Galactic friends tend to hit us hardest with info at the most inconvenient and busiest of times… But thank you for pointing this out. I enjoyed your post – you are an “epic” storyteller! Actually what you expressed was exactly what I’ve been feeling for the past several weeks, regarding the darkness. and feeling relatively helpless to do anything about it. Your putting these things out there – even the bad things – is chicken soup for the soul. Thank you! (-_-)

      • wishin u well dear Troy ❤ 🙂 xoxoxo

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Glad you can see it so clearly Laura. Some of us, … not so much, … lol … xo

    Where is my mind
    way out in the water
    see it swimmin

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