My Other Ancient Egyptian Life 13 Jan. 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

The-Great-Pyramids-Of-GizaI may as well continue with the Egyptian theme of this weekend for me. 
After my life as Sekhmet, I reincarnated on Ancient Egypt once more. This must have been much later, as the Nile was abundant and a luxurious vegetation, huge high trees were seen on each bank of the Nile. From the Palace, the pyramid and the sphinx looked so near, on the other bank of the Nile.
This time I recall being married off to the pharaoh/ lord of the Upper Egypt. I do not know his name. I know that there were many many secrets and strange things happening behind closed doors.
The pharaoh had a harem of wives, presented mainly as gifts from neighboring lands. The rumor had it that he did not care anything for any of them, and that the women were wondering free to do as they wished and had many privileges.
It turned out that the priests have chosen me to be the next wife as the pharaoh, because of my blood line. The pharaoh had an older wive, but she got older and older, while, he strangely enough did not seem to age a single day through time. He looked as young as a child. He no longer cared for his wife nor for his son. 
After a few months or years of being in the palace I managed to catch his eye and I was expecting a prince to be born shortly. My feelings for the pharaoh were mainly fear, as he was a mysterious person.
I came to understand that he was not entirely human, but was of mixed alien-human blood and linage, and i was told that the reason I was chosen, was because him and me had a similar genetic material. Althoguh my alien genes were only 1/4, and his were 1/2.
For reasons beyond my comprehension, this mattered a great deal to the priests who were very nosy and controlling bunch.
I came to understand quickly that the pharaoh never trusted his 1st wife, the premiere queen. He never cared for her, nor slept in her bed at night. The interest and trust that he showed me, put the premiere in a dangerous position and since i was expecting, her son was unlikely to see the throne, since it was obvious that i was a far better genetic match for the pharaoh’s descendant, and I was expecting his son.
I do not know why the priests had not chosen a better match for him with his 1st wife, perhaps there was politics going on?
She always made it clear that she hated me, and that she would not stand for her son not becoming pharaoh.
I was really rather young, perhaps about 15 to 18. I had no idea of the courts intrigues. For me the matter was very simple: the priests wanted me, my family and I had no choice in the matter, it was our duty to accept. Besides, the pharaoh was known for being kind and giving freedom to his wives after one or two years in his harem. They could also chose to remain in the palace and lead a life of luxury and have lovers and still leave when they wanted. So I was not really worried, and my parents were somehow proud.
It was never expected that the pharaoh would ever develop feelings for his wives, or for me. The duty was to give Egypt a healthy her to the throne, and compensation and generosity, along with an easy life were the rewards promised. Much better than working in fields or in the mines all agreed.
As it turned out, I quickly realized that the pharaoh had little power or say in all matters. The priests controlled a lot, and the rest was coming from the gods to him. He too had to devote his life in obedience.
He would leave the palace sometimes for days, would go up in the mother ship, not far from Earth. He was nothing more than a governor responsible for gold and minerals shipment to his mothership. He received orders like any commander and had to ensure of the quality of the gold and of large quantities being sent to his own masters.
Soon I discovered that he did not like what he was doing, as he felt split between his alien father and his Earth human mother. He never known his mother, but for some reason, the Annunaki and the priests wanted to “thin” the blood line, so that the pharaoh would be half bloods, no longer 100% aliens.
There was also a feeling of end of times, as I believe that the Sirians gave the Annunaki an ultimatum to release the Earth from their grip within some 200 years. and I think that the decided that one way of fulfilling this condition was to have half bloods on the throne of Egypt, but responding to them. Perhaps the plan was to leave the planet alone after a certain amount of time, and no longer to openly remove the gold from the planet.
I did not understand everything, but there was definitively a close that set some terms to the gold exploitation, at least directly and en mass.
Egypt was to become an Annunaki colony, governed by an dependent pharaoh, and to sell them the gold in exchange for something else, perhaps in exchange of technology and knowledge, or even freedom.
My pharaoh did not feel good about the attitudes of his rulers and he really did not feel close to the people of his father, a man whom he hardly met or spoke to. He was to obey and execute their orders, and to fulfill the role expected of the pharaoh.

While he played that role with a certain authority, his heart was never right with it, and he hated himself for doing this to his own planet and to his own people in a way. He was full of doubts, fears, and even dreams, I was to discover a few months later. He was like a mad man sometimes, with a split personality, one not aware of the other personality. This used to terrify me.

His life was a constant inner struggle and inner battle, while outwardly he always had to appear in agreement with the Annunaki and obedient to them. He had taken the habit of following the rules, without too many questions and just do what he was told at his weekly meetings in space.

One day, he slept in my bed, and then it happened more and more. I did not know should I be scared or happy for his trust. He was always under protection and supervision, and the priests feared assassination attempts on him constantly. He was left alone in my room however, and I suspect he used the excuse more often to have some peace and be alone.. or just with me.

One day, I was afraid he had lost his mind entirely. He started speaking of running away with me, as soon as the child would be born, to leave it all behind and to become poor peasants, to leave with enough gold to lead an honest life, away from the palace and to hide for all our lives.

He did not want to live a lie any longer and loved his son to be very much, and did not want to put him in his own shoes, once he would be growing up. He insisted that we had to leave in secret and that all would be fine.

He had to go report to the mothership later on that day, but he promised that he would not change his mind when he would be back. He apologised for being mad at times, and he said he can see how afraid I was of him and of being in the palace.

As he left, i did not know what to think or to do. Should I denounce him to the priests for wanting to abandon his land? but who was to judge him, himself? would he be put to death by the aliens on the spaceshps? I did not want to harm him, although I did not care much for him either.

I retired to my rooms, still thinking about this, and starting to feel happy at the thought of leaving this palace, and at the thought of our son getting a free life, not tied up to duty and obedience. I entered my chambers, it was strangely dark, this was unusual. Not a sound was to be heard, no guards outside the door, no inside the chambers waiting for me.

The windows were wide open, it was dusk, and it was getting very dark outside, where had everybody gone? Have they forgotten about me? I guess part of me felt and understood the burden of his duties, being the administrator of the land and the pharaoh. i had a similar role for my father in the Sekhmet life, although I was not conscious of it, I guess part of me did feel sorry for the pharaoh.

As I was still daydreaming, I could see a shadow coming towards me from the balcony. The air was warm, the curtains flowing in the evening breeze. I was not afraid, I was second queen in my own palace after all. Suddenly someone is holding me from behind and stabs me in the throat, as the other woman in front of me stabs the unborn baby again and again.

The handy work of the premiere and her helpers, but the entire scene was recorded and the pharaoh sent the premiere in the desert alone, with no water, where she died. Her son was never to be King or Regent of the land.

Multidimensional Ocean

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10 Responses to My Other Ancient Egyptian Life 13 Jan. 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

  1. ellen says:

    Thank you ❤

  2. vendo4151 says:

    Very heavy indeed! .. The ancient world was full to overflowing with such intrigue and violence.

  3. hikari-serene says:

    beautifully written.

  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    Dramatic retelling, Laura. Thank you for sharing. That’s certainly a different story than what we are told in history books. What a difficult life for your husband, the Pharaoh… and for you. Blessings, dear one.

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