My memories of being Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt 12 Jan 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

GD-EG-KomOmbo016First off I am sure that other people think that they were also Sekhmet, and it may well be. I was told I was her by a psychic friend a few years ago (Dreamwalker) and as I looked into her life story and legends of Ancient Egypt, all her life seemed to tell deep feelings and memories buried deep inside my consciousness. As i was reading about her life, i could see images and memories of my time in between life in relation to that life suddenly made sense to me.

So for all intends and purposes, I have come to realize and acknowledge that indeed I was that being a long long time ago. I even had my warning before being born to this life: no more going off on rampage, even if the people you wish to kill are understood to be “bad” by you. This is not for you to judge or take care off Sekhmet. If you do it again, it iwll be eternal damnation for you, or worse: destruction of your soul by torture and fire.
And this is reserved by only a handful of beings usually. I was even shown images of that place, where beings are tortured and destroyed through fire and melting of their soul.Β 

It is reserved for very few beings i believe, for the ones that are beyond redemption. I was told that there will be no escape for me this time if I would do that kind of thing again, and to deny the inner God within and the Creator’s love for all life.

Enough of that, and I know that this is not something that is acknowledged by many lightworkers, so i will move on.

I recall `being this feline like being, half human, half cat or leopard, with black head and fur. although in that time it was not much to be a mixture of genes. I believe the Annunaki started this kind of genetic manipulation.
I was one of the Egyptian God, or equaled their rank. My father, Ra entrusted me with this domain of his for some time. I was the one in charge and even he ended up not knowing what to do with me once I was here. I hated being on Earth and I did not want to be here, at all, at all, at all. I had my flying spacecraft, piloted by royal personnel.

I recall landing near or on the sphinx several times and feeling angry for being sent away from the space palace, down to the Egyptian heat. I resented the planet and its primitive beings for many reasons. I see myself stepping out of my spacecraft, opening the door, getting the burning heat in my face and looking at the desert afar. I felt like an exiled and I was angry for being here.

However the first reason for my hatred was that they were blind to Source, they could not tell good from bad, and there was just no place for the kingdom of God on Earth.

I have witnessed so many wars and killings on that planet, that i could no longer stand the fact that God had just abandoned this planet. By that I did not meant the Egyptian Gods, no I meant the real divine Creator of all life.
Time on, the planet made a monster out of me, I had become as cruel as the inhabitants and had decided to take matters into my own hands and show the bad people that God was not gone, and that I could no longer allow the atrocities that i was seeing go unpunished.
So I decided that I would be the one who would punish those not cherishing and respecting God and the will of God, through living beings.

I had become very angry and would kill all those who killed others, because i had become worse than those who did atrocities and I suddenly knew it. I knew that God could never accept me in his/ her Kingdom as a became an unworthy soul.
So my anger was even bigger, and this time was directed at God, for allowing all killings on Earth, and I was wondering how many needed to die of my hands for God to appear again on the planet and to show his/ her will.
I would defy God regularly and shout at him: ” What does it matter if I kill thousands of people, even the innocent ones? What does it matter to God? This place is unknown to God, and he will never come her. So I am free to do as I wish and rule as I wish. I defy you for looking into the happenings of this planet God! Here, you don’t even exist! ”
And so it was.

I am not entirely sure what had started me off so badly against God, possibly because some people who i cared about were murdered and I could not understand why those who did it were not found and punished.

I was always very loving of young children, and even though I was nor friendly nor kind, I was entrusted with the guard of one particular young child. I think I cared for this person for many years, and rather well. This probably set me off again in the right direction.

These were strange times in Egypt, and I cannot make much more sense of things. I recall that nobody dared stop me or talk to me on many occasions, because of who my family was.

I bet you are disappointed in me guys, but it is important to understand that the reason for my doing was that I felt no longer connected to Source and to Love while I was on Earth. I was a very disturbed person, and perhaps parts of me remain that disturbed young woman/ cat being.

Thank you.
Multidimensional ocean

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8 Responses to My memories of being Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt 12 Jan 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. helloteke says:

    Hi Laura, I am not disappointed at all, just reassured that I am not alone having been mad at the Creator for what unbelievable evil has happened and still is happening here. I guess we all have had lifetimes we were the black hats. Disconnection from the knowledge of the Universe was what caused the ignorance that explains all evil, and this planet has just been the hardest school in this galaxy. Humility might be the way out; THE secret for forgiveness. We must be humble enough to admit we do not know nor understand why things happen. Stop having an opinion.

  2. ohnwentsya says:

    I’m not disappointed either. Archetypal energies are embodied again and again thru different individuals because they are fundamentally part of Universe. Death is but a part of the cycle and not necessarily bad even killing those who are utterly lost may be a kindness in allowing them to hit reset before their own karmic burdens became unbearable.

    Love can be sweet and gentle or dark and powerful-and both those can still be on the side of good and balance.

    The Goddesses who defend the innocent as Mothers everywhere defend their young with as much violence as may be necessary including wild magic are as integrally important to the whole of things as the Angels of Light.

    It is only a trick of perspective that deems only gentle love “good.

    To get so out of hand thru such painful despair is surely its own punishment on many levels. And as we grow we do learn more ways to heal our despair and even to deter the evil without responding in its own languages.

    Those who created patriarchy also demonized our Dark Mothers like Sekhmet into being “wrong” but as I recall it despite going a bit overboard dear sister many of the correctives you applied were needed at the time.

    Don’t forget for every life there are multiple perspectives and timelines. If you recall one of the worst be heartened to accept its many other fractal dimensions.

    It is certainly a greater challenge to the game to overcome the evil who have no restrictions on the cruelty or violence they use to achieve their ends by using Only Love and nonviolent nonjudgemental methods.

    I don’t think that makes the less challenging games ill played tho-any more than reading picture books in childhood becomes wrong once we graduate to novels. Just as we don’t search the kindergarten bookshelves when we have a question about physics, we now choose different methods to win the day.

    I cant wait to remember more at once. The snippets and bits that come in response to things like this are so curious-making. πŸ™‚

  3. vendo4151 says:

    Aren’t you forgetting about Ptah, your lover? … Didn’t he soften you up a little bit? .. πŸ™‚

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