I will no loner close blogs and facebook page – Laura

Thank you everybody for show of support and love!! I do feel better now about this, and I will reconsider my decision as long as I do feel that my work is of use to some of you .it was not just about no donation, but more like feeling that people did not mind if i no longer posted channeled messages to be honest..
In the past half hour, I have received a large amount of facebook messages and emails and comments from valued friends who showed their support and appreciation! which has reassured me that my work IS being valued!! so i am happy to resume my work under those circumstance!

I am sorry for upsetting some of you, I did it because i genuinely believe that people could not care less whether I would keep posting or not.. but now it turns out that people do care! and i am very happy to keep going as long as people do care !! ❤ ❤ ❤




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13 Responses to I will no loner close blogs and facebook page – Laura

  1. charleschristina says:

    Laura, I am so happy to find you have changed your mind. I just read both emails. I have tried to donate this weekend, but have not found the donate link on the website. I will try again. I guess this is a wakeup call to me that my voice counts, too. Thank you for your work. We are country’s apart, yet I feel very close to you. Hope you get this email. Love, Maria

  2. Pearl Hastings-Sasseville says:

    love the articles and I do care xox

    Sent from Windows Mail

  3. Marianne DiMaggio says:

    Dear Laura,

    I LOVE your Salusa channellings. Including Ashtar, higher self and others. I feel like they have spoken to me personally many times. They have answered questions I was just asking Salusa a day or two before reading them.  This has happened on several occasions. I share some of your emails with my friends. Your service is so valuable to others.  I have not donated to you because I have been jobless. I said a prayer for you the other day when you urgently needed money.  It might be hard for you to realize how much good you do for people because you don’t always get feedback.  I hope your life changes for the better and becomes easier for you to do this work that helps us all on our ascension path.

    Much love and appreciation,


    Monterey, California


    • thank you dear Marianne so much for this!! i will give a personal update post tomoroow, and yes your prayers have been answered lovely !! thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂
      no worries about money, many have made a small donation, so i am happy and will channel tomorrow
      i was online all evening answering emails and on facebbo page and chat 🙂
      thank you !! love to you ! laura

  4. elga13 says:

    Laura,,i value your Messages and i do care ,,sending you Love from my deepest Part of my Heart

  5. ellen says:


  6. Sharon S. says:

    I think sometimes people are so busy that they don’t reply but that doesn’t mean they aren’t reading and digesting what you have to say…hugs,  Sherry

  7. vendo4151 says:

    Hi Laura. …. I haven’t been of computer for the last few days. Sorry to hear about your troubles, … when it rains it pours. Looks like facebook came through for you, .. how about that. I never even think of facebook! … lol.

    Glad to hear of an outpouring of appreciation for you. I hope you know that you have mine for a long time and still do.

    I remember you telling me when I first knew you that I shouldn’t take things online too personal. What did you say, …… “things can get lost there or misconstrued”. .. something like that. I realized that you were right, and I’m glad that you have remembered that you were right. .. 🙂

    All the best Laura … hugs

  8. wolfke74 says:

    Hi Laura, of course we (I) care what you post. I always enjoy your channelings or your updates about anything. I wanted to read your previous article about closing down your blog, but the PC or my guides (who knows) wouldn’t let me read it. But I am so happy that you keep going on. Will tell you a secret, I also had some times like this , that I felt of closing down my blog…but then I kept thinking of all the people that were reading my blog and as come to mind, something someone said in the movie ” pump up the volume” were christian Slater is a popular anonymous radio speaker, and when something went wrong, he wanted to abandon his program. Then his friend said: “You know you can’t just shout fire in a theater and walk out.”

    My dear friend, I love you so much and I am giving much love,light and energy to you.

    Love Lisa

    • thanks so much dear Lisa ❤ ❤ ❤ you are such a gem to me 🙂 xoxoxox
      i deleted that post, because i did not want to confuse people by saying i will close the blog..
      i will removed the donation post also
      ❤ ❤ ❤ xxoxoxo++++++++

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