I Will Close Down the Channeling Blog Shortly – Laura

Hi everybody,

I am going to take channeling my blog off line, and also close off my facebook pages.
I have been very disappointed at the lack of support in front of our recent personal crisis from the lightworkers community: no donation whatsoever, not even comments for support on my facebook pages.
This to me means that my work is no longer appreciated, therefore I am no longer needed I understand.
I wish everybody the best of luck in all you do, and best continuation in your work towards ascension.
It was a pleasure getting to know you all for as long as it lasted and may your journey in the 5th dimension be blessedΒ .
I may keep 2012indyinfo up and running for a few more months, until the time for the site runs out.
May we all meet on the other side.
Love to everybody.

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11 Responses to I Will Close Down the Channeling Blog Shortly – Laura

  1. Purpleskyz says:

    Hi Laura
    I will miss your work.
    I wanted to maybe help you understand that ALL are going through financial hardships and that may explain the lack of donations that you were used to receiving.
    I know for myself, I am about to lose my position of 14 years and am looking to find paying advertisers to help me defer the cost of my site. Maybe you can come up with a solution to your money issues?
    Well thanks for all that you have done and I wish you the best going forward.

    Much LOVE to YOU and ALL here!

  2. stevie1959 says:

    OH Laura, deepest apologies that you’ve gotten no support whatsoever for all of the work that you do, and I did read about your latest financial crisis and I’m sorry that I didn’t respond sooner. It sucks to be disappointed by people you thought you could trust and who you thought appreciated you. It must feel like a deep betrayal and that stings. I am giving you a big hug and sending you a donation. I’ve been mired in my own depression so was not responsive to your email on Saturday, but I can certainly help you out with some cash. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
    Fondly, Stevie

    • Thank you everybody for show of support and love!! I do feel better now about this, and I will reconsider my decision as long as I do feel that my work is of use to some of you .it was not just about no donation, but more like feeling that people did not mind if i no longer posted channeled messages to be honest..
      i will reconsider my position over the next few days, as people do seem to care and react to my last post on facebook

    • oh! and thank you so much dear Purple and stevie for your kind and honest reply!! i am happy to do my best as long as i know that you guys are out there and make us of my work, even if there are no donations at all!! ❀ so please don't worry about the donations πŸ™‚

  3. ohnwentsya says:

    I am sorry to read that you are in difficulty. I have gotten behind on reading and commenting while I’ve been more ill recently so I guess I did not see before
    now that you were
    having problems. I
    will send you extra
    reiki and pray for a
    rapid resolution to
    the financial and other troubles.
    Denise le Fey recently mentioned that many lighthouses involved in work on healing the middle east which I know you had done too are getting “blowback” in the form of attacks from team dark right now. Perhaps this is part of your situation? I believe we can receive extra back up and help from the Angels and others when dealing with such purposeful disruptions.
    I have to borrow just to pay my basic living expenses because in the US support for disabled is constantly under attack from the service to self Ayn rand lot:-/ so I cannot donate money tho I would if I could! I will keep praying for you tho and sending reiki and visualize you in ever improving and blessed circumstances.

    • ohnwentsya says:

      Oops tgat should read l ightworkers not lighthouses. I have no computer now only a phone and I can’t scroll back easily to proofread- and the silly thing “corrects” half of my vocabulary since it does not recognize words like reiki or lightworkers!:-/

  4. julesr2012 says:

    I’m so sorry Laura, I can’t even imagine not having you here anymore, your messages are so helpful and inspiring and you’re such a wonderful person and dear friend….. I had mentioned to you that I will help in what I can…but when I went to send you some help, I was having problems with Paypal, since somebody had stolen my password and tried to use my bank account, but I got in touch with them and changed my password again….. so maybe I can go back in and try my best to help in your situation,,, we’re all in the same boat, some worse than others, but more or less we are just trying to make it in this 3D life and it’s getting tighter and tighter.. I’m also very sorry to hear about your partners father, I hope he makes it and if not at least give him a peaceful passing on to another life…. please reconsider your decision, understand that if we’re here is because we all love and care about you…. xoxoxo πŸ™‚

    • no worries Julia!! I will not close it after all as so many have responded very quickly to me!!
      No need for donations dear! it was more about moral support and knowing if my work had any use to you guys! but as some of you have quickly responded, I am happy to carry on πŸ™‚
      love and light Julia !!

  5. Johan Delva says:

    I was away a few days so I only saw your last two messages now. Sorry to hear about your difficulties. All the lightworkers I personally know are
    struggling financially. This may partially explain why you get few donations. I am not rich but deeply appreciate your work. I am glad that you had so many encouraging messages and that you decided to keep going. May you always be blessed!

    • thank you dear Johan ! no need for you to donate again dear friend !!1 you have always donated so, don’t feel under any pressure please. i was just concerned that nobody had donated at all.. not even one person.. something small like 5 euro.. but as it turns out, the few donation notifications went into spam email… for no reason that i know.. i will explain in a new post tomorrow. i must sleep now! ❀

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