Message from Laura’s Guides – 3 Jan. 2013

telepathic-peopleHi guys!
I usually receive daily updates during my day, either during meditation, or just while I do house jobs, or walk, or sometimes out of the blue in any situation.
The updates are usually about a deeper question that I have wondered about, or asked my Higher Self, or my guides.
Today’s message was about reality and the subconscious of humans.
The message said that whatever we wish to communicate to others, no matter the distance, we can visualize or tell them through telepathy.
The person or animal will hear us at a subconscious level and with the help of their guides and Higher Self. The message encouraged me to try this method of communication.
However, I was also warned that just as in close range communication, this method is based on letting go and unconditional love.
Don’t expect just because you asked for something that you will get it. However I would also think it is a wonderful idea and it can bring amazing results.
The message also said that what we experience as our reality is not real and what we experience as being our subconscious is reality.
So if we think of someone, we are actually with them, standing by their side on an astral/ higher dimensional level i guess.
Hugs and love and happy 2014 and in 5D 

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One Response to Message from Laura’s Guides – 3 Jan. 2013

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura! I have also noticed recently that in conversations with others that I often am receiving their meanings telepathically just before they speak. This became noticeable to me when people I was listening to forgot the word they wanted to use and paused or mentioned searching for the word-which I then supplied since they had already sent it to me:-) This has also made understanding meanings easier as I *feel* tge person’s intentions with their words which helps make less misunderstanding which imho is especially common in English as the language is lacking in multiple areas.

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