Laura Eisenhower’s Mars Recruitment Story Confirmed by Satellite Photos,CNN, TIME

Laura Multidimensional Ocean: I recall my life planning session, or at least a few significant parts of it to say the least. One of the main features that I have since I was a young girl was a deep fascination with Mars, which brings me back at my life plan session, before I was born.

I recall that I was told that there was a big chance of some of us, among the humans, would return and live on Mars and that there are vast oceans and water reservoirs under the surface of Mars. This was to be as a back up plan in case things were not going too well for Mother Earth and if the need to evacuate the Earth or at least save the human genome was felt.. and now I see this… hummm.. just found it to be an interesting confirmation of my life plan.. so i thought i would share.

of course NASA taking part in this is weird and as Mrs Eisenhower, I also believe that there is merit to this idea, but as her, I do not wish the project to be run by dark characters…

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