Thought of the Day 30 Dec. 2013

Wait till the time is right. Keep faith in the good out there, and within. Keep faith in your inner light and guidance. Listen to the silence within, feel your lungs with life, with the world, with the Sun, with the love that floats in the air.
Embrace your entire being, the positive and the negative, the fear, the anger, the love, the kindness. It is all part of you. Acknowledge it, feed from it, see it, love it. Nothing else is requited of you in this present moment.
Laura Multidimensional Ocean
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3 Responses to Thought of the Day 30 Dec. 2013

  1. Julia Ruggiero says:

    Wow…thank you so much Laura….hope all is good with you, I wish you a Very Happy New Year and wishing the very best for the upcoming 2014. Hope all your dreams become reality and you have health, prosperity, love and peace .. love you sweet girl…xoxo

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