Thought of the Day – 25 Dec. 2013

Just wanted to share how odd it can be to be a psychic … it is like one part of you knows and see, and feels others thoughts, feelings, emotions, and most of all the others Higher Self.. I can communicate with other people higher self, and with mine.. and i wonder is part of my job to put people in touch with their Higher Self, who most of the times is in pain for not being heard by the person who lives on Earth and who cannot hear/ see/ feel the Higher Self presence…
It is also strange to be aware of others emotions, thoughts, and feelings about me.. especially when these are in a state of denial, or ignored.. it is the oddest things, and it has confused me my entire life..
The other things that i find confusing is when one meets people that i already know.. from past life etc.. sometimes i get a flash about their future, their past, or their possibilites of develppment, or of their past lives.. it is rather difficult sometimes to keep all those things to myself.. 
Just wanted to share  xoxoxo

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9 Responses to Thought of the Day – 25 Dec. 2013

  1. marplescope says:

    So how do you know this is actually happening? I guess you get feedback from them? In this life, I don’t feel connected. Would like to feel this way. Madi

    • good question Madi… well since i always only had my own life experience.. i never had any idea of what others see/ feel/ do.. in my young age, i thought it was normal for all people to see the atoms and molecule of all that is.. and to activate them so that plants could grow in a matter of minutes, or deconstruct matter and put it back the way i wanted to..
      but with experiences that i describe above, it takes a life time for me so far to reaslize that what i am experiencing is rather unique.. and not common.. and when validation comes.. over and over again.. then one has to try to make some sense of those experiences i guess or at least try to interpret and learn from them.. 🙂

  2. vendo4151 says:

    Piercing the vale isn’t all it’s necessarily cracked up to be, …. lol.

    It always comes with challenges, …. pain, … changes. …….. Anyone who acts as if it’s all sunshine and lollypops is a fraud for certain! …. lol

    You are the real deal Laura. You have suffered much for it, … haven’t you.

    • Thank you sweet Vendo, coming from you it is a real compliment ❤ 🙂 hugs and love to you and your family 🙂 xoxox

      • vendo4151 says:

        I have another thought. …… I have been expecting an event for years, as have some others of course. An energetic “event” that causes a world event, … and then all the dominoes begin to fall quickly. And part of this is open contact or “First Contact”. But before, perhaps just before this open contact, there will be the classical archetype. This means there will be a first wave of face to face contact with certain individuals and their galactic sponsors.

        I have felt for years that you will be in that first wave Laura.

      • Well. I have certainly met their ships a few times, and interact with the lads up there via telepathy or dreams.. but I SO SO LOOK FORWARD TO THE FACE TO FACE CHAT!! 🙂 hourray !! can’t wait.. really ❤ 🙂 xixoxoox

      • vendo4151 says:

        If it’s the Pleiadians or Lyrans maybe you could ask if they could spare one of those 2-man bubble craft any time soon! … …. 🙂

  3. When I first started seeing what you are talking about in your post, it was very alarming to me. It seemed like everyone was lying, but they were in such deep denial about their true thoughts and feelings that they thought I was off my rocker;) it was hard. I find it a blessing now, to see the deeper truth, and more and more beautiful beings are waking up to their higher self and becoming congruent. Blessings to you:)

    • usually I can deal with it more or less ok.. but when it comes personal and when one is deeply concerned and relates to work/ studies and one’s direct life… and that things go amiss… it is still alarming to me… especially when it concerns me.. :/
      Had another one of these .. was thinking of an old friend, that i had not seen in about 6 years.. and boom.. he came in the same pub as us today and sat next to us.. and i had a few questions to ask him about some music that he does.. and as soon as he sat next to me, i received the full download of the music stuff i was looking for. it is nice when in works in our way, but sometimes it can be .. well.. you know 🙂 Blessings dear Channelingandromeda ❤

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