Message from SaLuSa, Lord Ahstar and my other guardian angels, and guides – 6 Dec. 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean.


imagesAtlantis / Other planets life span

We encourage you to continue keep the faith in these increasingly difficult times, dear ones.

You are coming to a time when your true identity will be revealed to you at last. It will come to you as evident that so many among you are not from this beautiful planet originally.

You will receive communications from us, through dreams, or through your higher self about your star origins.

Many of you already know of their star families, and of the many lives that you have lead among the immense and powerful Galactic Community of love and light beings.

In actual fact, the majority of you had many lives on many planets, among various species, and have chosen to let go of those lives when the time for you to leave the planet felt right.

Indeed on the vast majority of planets what you call death here is nothing more than a conscious letting go of the attachments on a planet. There comes a time in everyone’s life when family duties are complete, when one has no other life obligation or question about a planet, and feel no desire or attachment to the planet and decides to move on to the next realm, in order to start again on another planet.

This is part of the natural process of growth, of life and death, or eternal rebirth. This process usually takes place naturally as on many planets life forms can live as long as they need in order to move on the next level of existence. The longevity on other planets is much longer than on Earth, and depending on the body’s level of development, life can last from several centuries to several thousands of years, or even more.

During the Atlantean times such a process of life extension was very common, but reserved to very few privileged people, through technology that was given from the Star brothers.

During the Atlantean times, Earth was populated by beings from many races and planets, and the genetic research was aimed at life prolongation, especially through cloning.

This is a process that is very familiar in the Pleiadies.

When Atlantis fell, and with it its technology, extended life spans stopped, and life started diminishing according to the vibrational needs of Mother Earth.


Man’s Dual Nature and the Twin Flame

As a few of you already know, your human physical bodies are linked to their Earth creator and to the Earth bound life and expectations. The other part of you is linked to the God Spark of eternal life and to the Stars. That part is eternal, and moves on from experience to experience, from body to body whether on your planet or on other planets. This part is always attached or linked to a twin flame, to one or in most cases to several soul mates, and to an overall soul group, who share a common history through incarnations on Earth especially.

This part of eternal love is always present inside of you all, and it recognises its twin flame at first sight, in fact both twin flames seek one another constantly if they are both incarnated on Earth at the same time. This process is going on from a very young age, and unconsciously.

This does not mean that one has to stop oneself from loving other Earth beings. In fact the reason why many of you experience what you call adultery is because of this dual nature inside of you.

Many of you are married to one person and have feelings for this person, but also have deeper feelings for someone else. The feelings for the someone else are sometimes a little of a mystery as it is soon discovered that it is often not possible to have a normal life with the twin flame on Earth.

This is because the twin flame is also subject to this human dual nature, he or she is also under the influence of the other being living inside of their body.

The relationship with the twin flame very often remains on the higher realm, and no expressed on the tri-dimensional form at all.

Very often the twin relationship on Earth are very dramatic because of this duality within the human condition. On many occasions, on wishes to run away from the twin flame, as the experience is one of awakening and somewhat painful at the same time, as the memories flow in, and one is faced with a deep fear of the unknown.

We do not encourage anybody to force relationships with twin flames, as the door will be open from above when you are both ready for the re-union on the physical level. Until then, that door is best locked, and we recommend slow moves, patience all around, as the twin flame is likely to reflect the sides of you that you dislike most.

Having said that, the time is coming near when many of you will have to literally face your other side and learn to be patient with it and love it.

There will come a point when the Twin Flame unions will greatly lift Mother Earth and bring much joy in the hearts of the many. This time is the time of reckoning.

As we are coming up shortly to that moment in time for your planet, prepare for many questions to suddenly be answered for you. Prepare for much joy and love to come, and for much forgiveness for past mistakes and for karmic settlements.

Along with this time of reckoning, you will recall much about your own soul’s history and about the planet’s journey and significance to you, as a divine being.

The other worldly origins

We continually feel the pain of your inner suffering and frustration at your human bodies, and human limitations. Many you have not had happy lives on Earth on the majority of their incarnations, serving the light in an area of space filled with darkness on many levels. You were always a spark of hope and light for the souls of Earth who badly needed your light and wisdom, as well as love.

Many of you have managed to block from your memory your past unhappy lives on Earth, but these memories will also be uncovered shortly. Many of you have had only short lives on Earth, because nothing made sense to your alien mind. The planet had no heart connection with you, neither did the beings living here, you felt alien, but never knew why you could not relate or connect even to the members of your family.

Many of you have committed suicide in many Earth past lives, or have been killers here, as you could see this place as a place of desolation and abandoned by God and love, you were also scared, and could not understand anything that was happening to you and why you were here.

Many of you died in early age accidents, except that those accidents were not entirely accidents but more like self-inflicted accidents, in a wish to end your suffering.

The human bodies are not what you are used to, as many of you have lived for thousands of years in more sophisticated and evolved bodies. Many of your past lives bodies on other planets were able of levitation, astral travel, infra-red or microscope sight, limitless abilities to love, which gives place to growth and transformation of your environment, natural telepathy, limitless sight, hearing, and vision, the list can go on and on dear ones. Suddenly, in comparison the limited DNA strand of a human body seemed like a cruel joke. You often felt like you were in a constant prison and trap in your human body.

To top things up, your natural Earth family had no idea why you were talking about extra-terrestrial life all the time, and why many of you had powers that terrified your own parents to the point of feeling threatened to death if you were going to make things move with your mind or play other tricks that they regarded as little less than sorcery. Fear of the unknown and violent reaction is natural dear ones, but many of you were so shocked at their parents’ and loved one behaviour that you decided never to trust them again and very often have removed them from your child’s heart for many, many years.

Your heart was very often battered and bruised by human’s ignorance of your ways and of what true love meant to you. As a consequence, most of you renounced to your birth right powers that remained within you, as part of your ET heritage. Many of you were forced to conform to the expectations of your parents and of society, in order to fit in somehow and try to have a “normal” life on Earth.

Dear ones, we are pleased to tell you that those days are now over, with the arrival of many more enlightened beings coming onto your planet either as bew borns to starseeds parents, or in spirit among you, during your daily routine.

Many of us are with you in spirit only, hence you can only hear you,  but very often cannot you see us, as we are not physically with you. We are with you in energy only and our presence can be felt in many ways by your own sensors.

We keep our mind, heart and eyes on our star families, here on Earth, although very often we cannot interfere, but we see and hear what you hear what is happening very often.

We love you very much and ask you all for just a little more patience before the end game times.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, I am Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, we are the angelic realm voices for your well being and protection.

Love and Joy to you all

Channel: Multidimenisonal Ocean


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13 Responses to Message from SaLuSa, Lord Ahstar and my other guardian angels, and guides – 6 Dec. 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean.

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  2. Pocahontas says:

    Their star families?

  3. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven and commented:
    Thank you all so much ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Reiki Doc says:

    Dear Laura, thank you. This message brought tears of joy and relief to my eyes. This happened to me less than one week ago: In your message, this is the first 3D ‘proof’ of Ashtar answering back, although our spiritual connection/lifeline to me remains active ever since he ‘left’ me. (there were three actual interactions which him that I blogged, a Visit from Ashtar, and a Message from Ashtar, too). Thank you so very much for posting your channeled message from SaLuSa and Ashtar. Namaste. Reiki Doc

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  6. V.A. Farria says:

    I enjoyed reading this message. It really resonates with me. Thank you.
    Love, light and blessings

  7. V.A. Farria says:

    Reblogged this on V. A. Farria Writings and commented:
    This message really resonates with me.
    Love, light and blessings

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