Tsunami Dream – 29 Nov. 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody

I wanted to share with you a deep dream experience that I had during the morning of the 29th Nov. at 5:30 am, as the dream woke me up with a sense of uneasiness, so I had to wake up.

The dream was as follow: I was in the building where I have spent some time as a child, totally inland, my grandmother was next door, and I could hear her snore. I look outside the kitchen’s window and see this huge cool green wave come furiously towards the city centre where we live. The wave crashes a little before hitting my building, where we live on the 7th floor, but the buildings and everything else is still surrounded by green water. The water level rises higher and higher to the point of covering the entire window, and i worry that i will no longer have oxygen or a way out of the 10 story building. 

I decide to run next door to wake up my grandmother, but when i get to the door, the handle is broken, and i am stuck in the kitchen, with the room getting darker and darker as the water fills the outside of the window more and more.

There seems to be a kind of strong shield stopping the window from breaking and letting the water through. I don’t understand how this is possible, i don’t understand where the water comes from, perhaps from the lakes in the mountains?

I feel scared and cold, and trapped there, entrapped in the cement of the building, with no where to go. I see people shout and run or swim outside in the water. I want to cry for help, but i am thinking how would anybody be able to get us out of here? and find tools to open the door handle?

I wake up….

I have just read a message from AA Gabriel, he speaks of a tsunami of change, here is the link: http://2012indyinfo.com/2013/11/30/getting-back-to-the-basics-a-special-message-and-invitation-from-shanta-gabriel-30-nov-2013/

As i type this, i recall that AA Gabriel was speaking to me during the week, but I had no time to publish his words. So it looks like the message from him is coming across anyway.

It also happened that 2 other people had a vision or a dream of a huge wave, and of course, I have received a message during the week telling me that the ISON comet is in fact the Blue Star that the Hopi Indians and that Drunvalo speak of. Message that Tolec has also received on the 26th Nov.

So it looks to me like we are on for fantastic sweeping changes all around. That many of us receive visions and messages about huge dramatic changes, and I have the feeling that it is all for the best. Although the old structures and ideas will very likely not survive this tsunami of change.

The 5th dimensional world is being built as we speak, and I feel that we are very near an official ET contact, at long last.

I was reminded today of the message I had received on Christmas eve 2012, while looking at 4 or 6 flashing lights in the skies, really near to our home. This year it has been UFO after UFO coming very near my house, in my regular residence. One came just a few meters form my window, it was red, and I could see the windows of the UFO.

I was told last Christmas that this year I would come face to face with my protector ship and I did in October. I just hope that I will also come face to face with the inhabitants of my protector ship, and be allowed regain all my memories and interact overtly with them and with the humans of Earth in the bright day light.

This is why I am here for, I wish my real mission would commence now. The time is upon us now, any moment the boat can swing dear friends. Keep the light bright, keep the love in your hearts, keep the faith in love and in good, and in yourself most and for most. Keep faith in your inner God and in our Divine Creator, in our divine angels and star families. They are all here, watching over us, loving us and supporting us, although we cannot always seem them or feel them.

Much love. Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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4 Responses to Tsunami Dream – 29 Nov. 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

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  2. nadia says:

    some time ago i dreamt some lightworker called me as there was too much water rising in their place and i meditated and let sunlight enter, some time later a town in my island was really submerged partially….i see we create our reality some people sees in this comet a strong divine intervention some phisical some subtle,but is also true that if we are tired and innerly suffering we prefer a strong easy way out…..if we have our nice situation we like a long slow change….anyway water is feelings the way we feel can change a lot also what we create so let’s try to overcome this when is possible…I think your choice to stop what is not good for you was correct just take some time for yourself to recover.personally i am always ready for teletransport to the way outbut creator knows best my purpose here…

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