Donations for November Would be Greatly Appreciated

Hi lovely people,

just a kind reminder for donations for November. Nobody has made even the smallest donation to the website so far for this month.

I am sorry I have not been able to post or channel much this month due to stress and upsets during my work experience and my studying.

I have a small income thanks to that work, and it is the only source of income. 

I would like to let go of the burden of work and study full time, but I that would mean that I would have no way of surviving, as donations are not being made especially if I don’t post a small monthly reminder.

So I have to keep going with the studies and work experience as long as I have no other way of surviving, I am afraid.

If you can afford even the smallest donations, please feel free to use the paypal donation button on the side bar if you appreciate my work and posts.

Love and light to everybody and I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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