Comet ISON is the Blue Star that that Hopi and Drunvalo speak off by Multidimensional Ocean

Received a message from Higher Self 2 days ago about comet ISON:
It is the blue sign in the skies that the American Indian prophecies speak of. Follow Drunvalo’s talks about it.
It is it! It is happening ladies and gentlement! it is happening as we speak!!
comment from Laura: I had no idea why I was suddenly being told bout it! when i have no interest about the whole controersy going on.. abd then.. today it made more news! 

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5 Responses to Comet ISON is the Blue Star that that Hopi and Drunvalo speak off by Multidimensional Ocean

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  2. Alaska Gal says:

    Please make a more complete post. Many of us don’t know what the Indian prophesy is regarding a blue star.

  3. wildsparc says:

    What a historical day it is, the aftereffects of Ison crawling through the sun has not sunken in yet by most of humanity. The comet is not a comet but the first sign of Galactic life showing itself to the Earth.

  4. M&M says:

    Greetings 2 U, once again, Laura! I hope that your life will be smoothing out for you soon, cuz i know you’ve had a really difficult time in the recent past with your “boss from hell” ordeal…(and how well i know THAT feeling!)…and other trying situations to deal with! Anyhow, I’m the same one who informed you a few months ago at 2012 Indy Info about the passing of “Poofness”…and i had told you to check with Jean Haines’ site back then.
    There is a whole big frenzy going on there right now, and other places, about the supposed “Comet Ison”that you should check out! I responded on Jean’s site, near the bottom of the post in question, as my alternate handle (mimi rodriguez 123) at 9:01 am EST, (I’m suburban Miami, Florida)…and I brought up the entire Tolec/Andromedan Issue …Guess i started a “whirlwind” over there!
    Anyhow, Laura…Here is the Link:
    (My comment is near the bottom of that post) Just thought i’d keep you in “the loop” once again, ;-D …cuz I know UR really busy these days…as Most of Us Are!!! A Blessed, Joyous Holiday Season to You and Yours…and Keep up the Good Work!!! (P.S…Sorry 4 the Ugly Gravatar face! Tried to get it to Change, but Couldn’t! )

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