Personal Message Shared by Multidimensional Ocean – 24 Nov. 2013

Thank you everybody for my wonderful birthday wishes! it has all come true indeed !!
I had a clear message today, a personal one, saying that it is now time to continue with my light work and that I am released from the karmic obligation I was fulfilling here.
I have passed the last exam of the Earth karmic echo and free will test have now both been passed on this day.
I have no more Earthly obligations, and I am free to resume my light work, which will be in a new location again. But this time it will be in a light worker international community.
I was told that my absence from the light work has been noticed, and I need to resume my work at once.
Which is really good news all around!! for our Mother Earth as well!!
and for all of us!
I am asked to let the chips fall where they may, and that my next work place will be finalized in February.
I am allowed remain here until Christmas, but I am asked to resume my light work, and my remaining here will only be permitted provided that it does not interfere with my messages and light work.
This has come as such a wonderful release! and was confirmed straight away from my friend who does readings for me!
Blessings and so looking forward to resuming my work with you all online!! on the computer landscape virtual light ship, aka: the net!
Love and light, Laura
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6 Responses to Personal Message Shared by Multidimensional Ocean – 24 Nov. 2013

  1. roew-MaLA says:

    Happy Birthday dearest sister ….. It’s good to hear from you always …roew-MaLA

  2. Johan Delva says:

    Happy Birthday, Happy Week, Happy Month, Happy Year, Happy Decade, Happy Century, Happy Millennium, and Happy Forever to Wonder Laura!
    Good to hear of your ‘graduation’, well done you!

  3. My dear,Happy Birthday!

  4. vendo4151 says:

    Happy birthday Laura. I must admit that I did forget, ….. sorry. …… Happy 29th birthday! 🙂

    And I congratulate you that your calling is still strong within you.

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