Balance and Harmony in Male – Female Relationships is Needed SaLuSa and Sananda 24 Nov. 2013 by Multidimensional

  1. Balance and Harmony in Male – Female Relationships is Needed SaLuSa and Sananda 24 Nov. 2013 by Multidimensional
    Dear ones, we come again after a long pause through this channel to speak of the worldly events and heart events on the horizon and that which needs to be considered in the times ahead of you now.
    We wish to remind you that there is much need for love and compassion on your Earth, espe…cially around this time of the year. Have generous and gracious thoughts towards those in needs, especially towards the children in deprived areas, in war zones, and those suffering malnutrition and disease. We would ask you to send them your love and financial support when possible. The smallest thing would make a difference, even if it is only buying a nice toy for your neighbour’s child or the child of a friend who is in need.
    Think as this time of the year as a time when much joy and many heart gifts are needed to keep the spirit of love and the true meaning of Christmas in tune with your personal life and needs.
    Be kind to one another as well, in particular in couples and families. Very often there is an imbalance on your world when it comes to love energies. Many men seem to think that they need to be deprived of feelings of love in their heart, and are too long absent from their family and loved ones.
    The children need their father’s love and affection as much as their mother’s love.
    Also we are sorry to see how poorly the female gender is though of, very often by members of that gender themselves.
    Women need to empower themselves again, and to take their power back, to think themselves as being equal to men, and not to accept any poor treatment in relationships with loved ones and friends.
    Women’s power are as high as men’s and even higher when it comes to matter of spirituality. Women are symbol of love and wisdom, and too often have they been taken for granted, too often has their gift of love and family are taken as an obligation, not as a gift of love.
    The animal behaviour of preying on women and allowing men to prey on women is not an acceptable behaviour in our opinion. It is a predatory reptilian trait, that belongs to the animal kingdom, unworthy of beings of light.
    We ask you to consider what love truly means, as we approach the Christmas partying time, many hearts will be bruised and many people will be hurt. We ask you to take your time and getting to know one another, before allowing yourself to fall desperately in love with those who may not be worthy of your trust and your affection. Seek your own heart and motives, and seek others heart and motives and be selective of those you can place your trust in and whose hands you lay your heart in, dear ones.
    Love and be love, but don’t forget to shield and protect yourself from those with impure and unloving intentions towards you and towards others in your environment.
    The love of our Creator is impartial to men and to women equally. There is no such a thing as gender separation, there is only love and the light of God in our heart for each other.
    This Earthly experience of the worse sides of the human conditions is abruptly coming to an end. Prepare your hearts to be uplifted to the highest speed of love, joy and light.
    With great love and blessings, to our own selves, incarnated here on planet Earth. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and send you all my love as always.
    Thank you, SaLuSa and Sananda.
    Channel: Multidimensional Ocean
    Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included: and

12 thoughts on “Balance and Harmony in Male – Female Relationships is Needed SaLuSa and Sananda 24 Nov. 2013 by Multidimensional”

  1. My sister thank you so much for the message from SaLuSa and Sananda it always brings great joy . Yes let’s bring happiness to the children this year …it is also good to know you will be back to your light worker duties my sweet beloved one. I love you and many blessings my sister ….roew

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