Personal Update – 10 Nov. 2013

Well. very likely that I am going to stop this work experience things , not because it is too challenging for me, but rather because it is very difficult to have a boss who is very likely related to Adolph Hitler.. she certainly has the same approach and view on life.. So after having put up with bullying and harassment for over one month of this, things came out on the surface for many …people have seen the light of day about this person.. the thing is now, that I will have no other place to go, as this part of the training finishes in just less than 2 months. and we are half way through this part of the program. So nobody else can take me on for the remaining few weeks I would say.. so I stated that I am giving up the course, rather than ever seeing that person again or having any emails from her bullying me.. and everybody else believing her rather than me, because she is there for 20 year and is in the job for 35 years.. and I am only a trainee.. that she is evaluating.. she keeps making mistakes, and then blames me for all her shortcomings.. enough is enough.. I would rather walk away with a head and emotional sanity rather than keeping up with this harassment … so I will keep you guys up to date .. but sorry for not having been doing much posting for some time, due to the high emotional download I have been the target of… hugs and love

Have a good weekend!

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15 Responses to Personal Update – 10 Nov. 2013

  1. Laura, I understand your pain, I’ve been praying for you.
    No matter what you want to do, I always support you.
    I think everything will be fine.

  2. Julia Ruggiero says:

    I’m sorry to hear all that dear Laura…. we shouldn’t have to be summited to such harassment in life, it’s enough some of us had to take it as a child in school….. I hope everything gets resolved soon for your own sanity. You have all my support, and it will work out one way or another, remember they are watching out for you, but at the end it’s your own decision to make……thinking of you and prayers going your way…. Love you sweet girl….. xoxox

  3. roew-MaLA says:

    My dearest Laura my sister , you have made the decision , now sister it is time to heal and this what my family is telling me . Please now you must find that joy sister once again in your heart . You know it’s there ! Bless You my beloved one …roew-MaLA

  4. sfbreeze says:

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Very lame what’s going in your field of training..and you shouldn’t take that at all. I have quite the mouthpiece that would get me in trouble in your situation, but I would do the same. People blaming you for mistakes and nobody on your side sounds familiar. It is good to hold our own, and not allow ourselves to be bullied by people who get off on abuse. Of any kind. What I’ve noticed in my life lately is way too much anger amongst co workers, I understand that everyone ia going through their changes but, some people can’t act peacefully right now. I cant leave at the moment cause I really need that gig, its a bit tough. Sometimes I have to be fierce with this people because it seems like its the only language they know, lol..
    Keep us posted, sending warm thoughts ur way

  5. Johan Delva says:

    Dear Laura,
    You deserve praise for your courageous decision to not let a disrespectful situation continue. It is probably one of the beautiful (albeit very unpleasant) lessons you have now learnt, never to be learnt again. I trust and pray that all may be well for you.

  6. vendo4151 says:

    I congratulate your restraint Laura. If she only knew who she was dealing with! … lol

    Good luck Laura

  7. Crystaline Blue. says:

    Laura I put up with this for a year in my job when I was put in charge alongside another who found bully tactics on others was all right. For me it is not as all deserve respect no matter who they are or are perceived to be by another. Take heed that this may be a sign that you need to step back and look at what it is you really need and not what you want. Much love dearest sister I know you will be fine and find the joy you deserve. Suzanne

    • thank you darling Crystaline Blue! it is unreal for me to find out how many people are under this similar kind of pressure at work.. from people who should know better… i have many comments on facebook as well, of people who went through a similar situation for months or for years… my word! and one of my housemates here is also going through this with his boss for 3 years.. and he is not happy about it either.. 😦 much love and thank you everybody for your love and support. ❤

  8. Teasy says:

    sounds like you’ve met another great teacher for ‘compassion building’, Laura 🙂

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