News from Laura’ life

Hi hope everybody is doing ok? I am so sorry I am not online more.. I have been in this new country for one month tomorrow, and I went home to see my loving family and cat twice so far. Everytime i went there were major delays due to fog, involving a total of 10 hours delay and travelling to other airports… next time i will go home for a little longer and i hope that there will be no further delays.
I also had to move i think 7 times, and i will change room again in 2 weeks time.. people and things are a bit mad around here. to top things up i have over 4 hours journey per day most of the week to do my work placement, and then tons and tons of homework and assignements for uni and for the work placement…
Also i have no car here, so the smallest trip, such as shopping takes the whole afternoon and is exhausting.. lol
and i still have things to collect from 2 houses that i have already stayed in, but had no way of taking everything with me.. so.. here we are..  and I had a constant cold for 3 weeks also .. better now for the past week, but it is getting colder now..
I hope all is goind well for everybody!
I am getting used to this place, its people and the way they carry themselves. Still 8 months of this to go.. and then also next year… hummm.. but it is really what I would like to do! so it will all be worth it in the end I hope ! 


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6 Responses to News from Laura’ life

  1. Johan Delva says:

    Expect all to go well and it will turn out more than OK. SuperLaura can do it! Many blessings!

  2. ohnwentsya says:

    Good to hear how you are doing. I sm sorry it has been so rough. If you can get the herb astragalus root there it helps uour body cope with stress and not get sick. The Chinese make soup with it and eat all winter to stay well but I’ve been taking it in capsules and it works well that way too. Ginger tea and also cinnamon are good for keeping your body warm in cold environments and keeping the damp cold from draining your energy. I get ginger and cinnamon cheap in bulk and then use them to make hot tea to sip and also add to things like pancakes and muffins ( or sprinkle in rice dishes).
    I hope things settle down for you and get easier soon!
    Love and blessings

  3. vendo4151 says:

    Sorry to hear that it is all so hectic Laura. I suppose that this is predictable for now. Is this the life of an itinerant scholar? …. lol. …. Well, .. for now anyway. .. 🙂 … The payoff will surely come. Wishing you improving circumstances. You seem to be handling it very well. .. Hugs

  4. franheal says:

    sending you love dear Laura! ❤

  5. Thank you for your support and love dear Dorian, Vendo and Fran ❤ xoxoox

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