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Personal Update and Message from Multidimensional Ocean and Higher Self – 27 Oct. 2013

Feeling the energies of this Halloween in a particularly heavy way, most of it is for personal reasons and blockages I highly suspect. The energies around me are heavy, dense, there is little light in the area where I have … Continue reading

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No Channels Advised for Now – Laura

Hi guys! still home, and you are probably wondering why is Laura not channeling at all…. well.. in fact.. i have been having plenty of contact for the past month… mostly telepathy, but also direct physical contact with the ships … Continue reading

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Donations would be appreciated for Oct.

Dear friends, just a reminder for donations for this month if you appreciate my posts and messages on this site or on my News and Channlings site. It would help me keep going and put my financial worries at rest … Continue reading

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Make a Wish – SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean 12 Oct. 2013

Make a Wish – SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean 12 Oct. 2013 Dear ones, The times ahead will fill your heart with tears of joy and love. The angelic realms have prepared a love show for many of you, especially in … Continue reading

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There comes a point in life when one just recognizes people from past lives.. one just has a feeling of recognizing someone.. no knowledge of where, when, how … some people seem more familiar than others, their psyche is much … Continue reading

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News from Laura’ life

Hi hope everybody is doing ok? I am so sorry I am not online more.. I have been in this new country for one month tomorrow, and I went home to see my loving family and cat twice so far. … Continue reading

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SaLuSa via Multidimensional Ocean 6 Oct 2013 – Reunion of Soul Mate and Twin Flames

We come again to say how much we admire your resolve and work for the light. We know how seriously you all take this Earthly assignment, we know that you will never fall to the dark side and we know … Continue reading

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