More Donations Needed for September – Laura

donation-canHi guys,

as you know I have relocated, and sadly my accomodation looked and more importantly smelt like a pre-secnd world war bunk than a student standard accomodation I am afraid.

A kind soul from my class offered to relocate her children in the same room in order to allow me to have one of the childrens’ room for a few weeks, so that I can have a place called home for me.

But in order to find a place and get it I will need a few hundred to pay in advance for 2 months rent, which is the standard here.

Sadly I have no income at all at least till the mid of October, when some money should be unblocked for my studies.

So I would appreciate it if you could chip in for me if possible at all but only for thos of you who can affored it… perhaps as an advance for October.

I apologise for being so needed in this adventure, I hope this is not upsetting you.

The usual monthly donations amount to €300 to €400 per month, mainly from the same 2 or 3 people who contribute each month.

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