Meeting my Protector Ship Face to Face !! by Multidimensional Ocean 22 Sept 2013

After having had without any shadow of a doubt the most difficult week in my life, I am home for the weekend.
My partner called me upstairs this morning, with his most blase tone of voice, telling me: ” Oh shit! another UFO outside the window! come and see”.. and indeed! it was!!
Not only did my personal scout ship pilot come down almost at the level of my upstairs window as my partner and I were having a disagreement on a silly thing, he stopped us from arguing, by showing up…. i said to my partner that the red scout ship looked more like a kite, because it seemed to be blown by the wind in all directions, like a leaf….it had no properlors, it made no noise at all, it interacted and responded to my demands: When I told my partner that I did not have my glasses on, and that I could not see much, the red cigar ship scout ship came so close to my window that I was certain that it would land on our lawn, it came so close I could see the windows of it… it sensed that I was being a little concerned of its erratic fast moves, and as I wondered to myself and asked Erwin if he thought that it was the same ship that we have seen above our house every night, and that I have also seen in my new country (Rainarnia), then at the exact point the ship started flashing the red light that it usually falshes at me during the night when it is totally stationary and it can easily be mistaken for a star. It flashed red again at me, I could see the actual red light come on and off, as it took its usual place in the sky, and started to disappear behind the clouds, then came just underneath the clouds so that i could see it, and I heard in my mind:” you usually see us here, this is where we usually signal to you. Have no fear, we are watching, all will be fine”.
It was so sudden and rapid.. I was amazed and had no fear whatsoeverthis time! I looked forward to their landing and going to hug them
It looked like a cigar shaped rectangle, the size of a large helicopter, but no propelers, no noise, no flying straight.. but more like jumping from place to place in total disorder, and like being pushed up and sideways by the wind, as if it had no aim or where to go.. except to attract our attention.. it was flying like a bird also.. and then it went up in the cloud in a less than a second, like rolling on itself.. just unreal!!

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5 Responses to Meeting my Protector Ship Face to Face !! by Multidimensional Ocean 22 Sept 2013

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Hi Laura, … almost sounds like a classic fairy, … lol. .. On the large side for a fairy though, .. isn’t it!.. lol …. …….. I once saw a ufo in broad daylight that acted like a flying water bug, .. except that it had to be at least 10 meters long. …… Well, .. it sure is better than running into a bigfoot in the woods, … isn’t it! … πŸ™‚ … bye now

  2. soulspeak2013 says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    my first visit from a star ship was in 1977 and I was grateful then, and to this day, EVERY DAY, and NIGHT, I AM GRATEFUL. Thank you for sharing Laura NAMASTE’

  3. julesr2012 says:

    I’m so exited for you dear Laura….I wish I could see the same….at least you know they’re taking good care of you…so nothing to worry about on your end, I’m sure things will start going smoothly for you from now on… Love and light dear xoxo πŸ™‚ ❀

  4. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing that Laura. It must be such a beautiful balance to a stressful week to have these sort of interactions becoming almost comfortable and commonplace. Did you ask for this protection or was it their idea? (I know you are super busy so no need to answer, just sort of thinking out loud along the lines of what would I tell someone who wanted to experience something similar-and I just remembered that you had a bunch of posts about that a while back. If any other long term readers recall the posts I am talking about could you comment in this post on Spirit in Action so my readers can look them up? It seems like more people are losing the knee jerk response and becoming more open to such things. Just like back in the 80’s we started forming friendships and pen pals between Russia and the US-proving the govts cold war nonsense didnt control us and then they got over it:-) imagine the same thing will happen now if enough people start making non-Earth based friends the whole lonely planet lie will expire too.:-)

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