Home for the weekend :)

Landed safely in home sweet home! Home with my loved ones warm and happy at last. Had a great flight next to a lady who just finished her PHD today! and is off to her friend for a week off before she resumes work. She is a great lady ! Flew on a very old domestic flight strangely enough. It felt like the lady plane was pre-war to be honest. Flight took 2 hours instead of the less than one hour flight! I guess we were delayed because of the fog on our airport. I was a little scared at first, but it was a very pleasant flight,chatting away to my new friend about ETs, planets, reincarnation, etc… Landed in a deep layer of fog! Gosh!! I don’t know how the pilots land there? nuts!! All good! Home sounds and safe! Have a super weekend everybody !!

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5 Responses to Home for the weekend :)

  1. roew says:

    Yea ! so happy that you are home . I am sure Indy was full of joy for you dearest Laura . Thank you for letting us know you are home safely . I’m so happy for you my sweet ….I love you sister ….roew-Mala

  2. Julia Ruggiero says:

    Glad you’re home dear Laura…now relax and enjoy your time with family….like Roew said, I’m sure Indy was delighted to have you home again ….Hugs xoxoxo ❤

  3. soulspeak2013 says:

    Blessings are abundant! So happy you are comfy and safe at home Laura! Thanks for sharing ♥ I know Indy is just puurfectly in balance on your lap! Much love

  4. Thank you dear Julia and soulspeak ❤

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