Imagination and Spirit: Indy, dear Loving Cat

Indy, dear Loving Cat

I have decided to connect with my cat today, as she sits looking at me. She knows how much i love and admire her, all aspects of her: her angelic ones, her predator ones, her playful wits, her patience with me, her love and affection for me, her missing me when i am far from her, her Egyptian heritage, her nobles of heart and spirit.

She sleeps now, or rather pretends to do so, while aware of my observing her. Her eyes look away from me, half opened, she is so peacefull, breathing very naturally and peacefully. Her ears move when she hears noise outside, fully aware of her inner mood and of the outer mood.
She hardly gets startled by anything, except perhaps a baring dog, or the neighbors’ baby car seat on their lawn. She seems always happy and at peace with us, but also with herself.
Her whiskers get caught on the sofa sometimes as she lies her beautiful head on it, but it does not bother her, she is radiating positive energy an love.
She is always open to new games, and always comes to see if I am ok if i speak louder than usual. She sleeps with me most nights, near my feet, or by my side, she calls the angels upon us I am sure.
When she is hungry everybody has to know about this, the same is true when she wants to go outside. The house is ringing with her lovely “miaws”. She really gets her way with us, and we are happy to serve her well as our happy owner and protector.
I know that she is convinced that we belong to her, that we must obey her needs and desires, and when our services are unsatisfactory, we deserve a small paw as a warning and to rise our attention to her needs and love commands.
She is our watcher, our guardian, our protector, our love commander and we obey and worship her… things have not changed that much since Ancient Egypt really.. 🙂

Imagination and Spirit: Indy, dear Loving Cat.


About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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2 Responses to Imagination and Spirit: Indy, dear Loving Cat

  1. Dearest Laura,

    What a marvellous and true description of Indy. I am delighted with the picture and the video. Thank you for sharing.

    With very much Love

    • Laura says:

      Love you mum Luisa !!
      Kisses and love blowing your way darling!! Love and joy to you our lovely Luisa ❤ ❤ ❤
      Love you !! 🙂

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