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M83 ‘Midnight City’ and Oblivion Complete Movie and Soundtrack – YouTube

Nouveau coup de coeur! M83, whose composer Anthony Gomez wrote the music of Oblivion, staring Tom Cruise 🙂 nice sound all around 🙂 complete Oblivion soundtrack below 🙂 my favorite is at minute 22:15 Starwawes and 1:30 I am sending … Continue reading

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Reader Suggestion about the Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure | Here and Now

  Rate This Laura: Paul has just sent me this email, which i think is great! I will also ask them to decloak on that day above the white house (if possible.. air force will be super tight on the … Continue reading

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Short Message from Laitonn for us by Multidimensional Ocean- 24 April 2013

As you listen to the radio about far away wars, people and places. As you watch images go fast on your tvs or computer screens in order to give you the illusion of a movie, in order to give you … Continue reading

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Earth Day and Sirius Movie by Multidimensional Ocean | Aurora dreamflights 2.0

  Very Poor Hi everybody! Today is Mother Gaia’s anniversary and it also conincides with the release of Sirius, Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Movie. Here is the link (thanks to Waldemir) for the watching the movie :!/deployment_code=86242579mlbyjd I hope … Continue reading

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Been Watching Oblivion: Good Show Overall

Hey, just watched Oblivion, and I have to say I have not been disappointed. Great effects and images, and plot is really touching. Of course the evil alien scenario is tiresome, but it has a lot in it: Titan -Saturn’s … Continue reading

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Hy- Brasil Beings and Dreamflight Shares for week of 19 – 26 April

Hi guys, please post your comments in the comments section or email me if you would like me to post them. Ok, so as was recommended i did go over the procedure of last year and I went to bed … Continue reading

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Aurora joins with Ulrika and Hy-Brasil teams by Multidimensional Ocean- 20 April 2013

Laura: Hi guys, I have just received word from Ulrika from Agartha: we are all invited to join her and a few more on Agartha for a guided tour. And I would love to hear if any of you recall … Continue reading

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