Lovers and Soul Mates from Past lives – Multidimensional Ocean 25 March 2013

souls matesPast lives lovers and soul mates have a very special bound that never dies. The memory of their common live together can come back in a flash when they are together especially. Being in each other’s presence can bring back many pleasant memories and much love, passion, and burning of the sacred flame for both of you.

The joy of being in each other’s company is limitless and eternal, even when one has blinders on in order to prevent seeing the bigger picture. One just has to pay attention to what the heart tells on one person who is dear to it. There can be occasional memory flashbacks or even heart flashbacks, which can lead to total confusion if one is unable to handle such things and understand the strength and passion coming from such relationships.

Intertwined, the two lovers are inseparable on the higher realms. They will not always recognise each other while on Earth in human bodies under normal circumstances. Perhaps for a few briefs moments there is an inner recognition on both sides. This moment is so brief, that one would have to be very awake to recognise it. Like a flash of light, the speed is too quick to be caught by us under normal circumstances.

However the more the past lives lover will find in each other’s’ company, the more memories will come back. It is even possible to withdraw from a past live lover by avoiding being in the presence of that person for too long. Sometimes one of the past lives lovers need to not know too much as it were, needs space and to focus on this life exclusively, without interference from a powerful loving past lives relationship with another. However ultimately, of course, with true genuine love, there is no sense of jealousy, of possession at all. All that matters to a true lover is the other person’s happiness whether in this life or in another life.

A playful and caring relationship will always be present between past lives lovers, a complicity, a clear understanding of each other’s feelings and needs.

It is also possible that the physical bodies search to be in each other’s companies, instinctively and intuitively. Higher spirit will decide when to awake both beings to what and who they are for one another, and again this could possibly take years or never take place if spirit decides it is for the best not to allow any further knowledge. It may be for the best to allow each other to continue on their respective journey of learning and discovery.

There can be highs and extreme lows, if one decides not to let the other go and be totally free. One has to allow the other to live his or her life totally free. It is vital to understand that soul mate relationships are never about control, power struggles. The heart just gives love freely and unconditionally to the other.

This is a perfect example of never dying love, however, it is important to let go of such relationship and allow the learning experiences from the present life to take place without interference in the vast majority of times, unless there is a karmic debt, which remains to be settled.

Love and light to all, Laura


About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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16 Responses to Lovers and Soul Mates from Past lives – Multidimensional Ocean 25 March 2013

  1. mihaela says:

    hi i just need an advice from u if u dont mind . i did a past life reading due to problems in my relationship and the psychic told me that in my past life my present lover was my husband to be and we had a child and he suffered some brain damage due to a fight in which he was saving our son’s life.She said that after that event our relationship changed and he would see things that i was doing as wrong and because of that there would be moments in which i didn’t want be near him anymore because it was tough…she said that due to that past life he thinks today in this present life that i m too different then him and that if i was to get together with him it would be only pain for me and that i wouldn’t be happy because he would try to change me and i would do the same thing to him. I don’t find it fair from the universe that it made it this way today…wasn’t i supposed to have him in my life today with no problem as a reward of the past life’s pain? why did i meet him if that would bring only pain to us? if we still have issues together dont u think life wanted us to meet to solve it? nd do u think is going to be like this forever in every life?

  2. Lyda Chesher says:

    We long for affection that we had, somewhere in the wide blue yander. Somehow that electricity between us stays in our inner beingness. I was contacted by letter where my soul mate found me. He was in Callafornia and i’m in Indiana. One wrote him back, he never returned a letter.

  3. R.B.F. says:

    I am a medium myself. Over my lifetime I have come across past spouses from differnt eras and locations.
    As of recent discovery I am aware within my higher self that I have a soul mate in the present and a spiritual exchange has occured. I am married with two children. All I know is that … I am never to meet him ever. My guides have alerted me from Higher Power Angel Court as it were. I have also sensed if we were to meet a shift in the universe would occur an alter both our lives forever in a bad way.

    When I get a message that stems deep in my lowest chakra I listen and I follow through. The timing of this is very akward and the reasons are sacret to me and G-d of my understanding.

    My thought is that in this life time I have already met the man I am to spend the rest of my life with and I am quite satisfied with that. The man I married in this life was my husband in several past life’s and we have neer been soul mates and that is okay with the same mother in law and brother in law at least one time before this life time it ended badly for me and for him (due to their interference!)

    One’s soul mates from past lives are not always meant to be together no matter how destiny has played itself. It can create false expectations and it can be so real but not realistic if the other has already settled in the person they are meant to be with I know this because G-d of my understanding showed me.. All I know is the feelings I have are one of sadness/loss and some of it feels like it is not all from this life time.

    There is more but I have to stop here I am kind of drained at this point. Closure just cannot happen and I could you some prayers for that.

    This was very stressful to write. I love what I have now.

    Peace and Love be witih you, RBF

  4. chumki kaushik says:

    very nice article

  5. Jen says:

    I have no knowledge of my past lives, I have not have regressive therapy yet. This is a new territory to me and I am open but also confused. A couple of days ago my partner was called by a friend to help protect her during a ceremony she had to perform. She had seen him there in a vision. I am fine with that, I know that my partner has a deeper understanding of all of those things. I still have a lot to understand.
    The morning after when he was telling me of the experience he also told me that our friend had told him that he was her husband in a past life and that he was killed trying to protect her (she was pregnant at the time.) And that her eldest daughter is that baby she was pregnant with.
    I have so many questions about this and I just don’t know what to think. I feel intimidated and a whole range of emotions I can’t quite put into words. I need to understand what this means to me and my life with him. We have a 2 and a half year old son together who is and incredible special human being. I am just not sure what this all means.
    And this next year we are scheduled to move to her property for an intentional community thing. I just don’t know where I fit in this equation now. If our current lives brought them back together, what does that mean. Should I be worried. I thought we were soul mates, and now I am questioning so many things. Is my fear of loosing him justified. I am just so bewildered, if you can provide any insight it would be so appreciated.
    Thank you….Jen

    • Hi Jen! I understand what you are saying my dear. It is important not to rush into anything at all, and consider everything. The solution will present itself in time, when all are ready to accept what ever the solution is. I am sure that there is a lot of pain on both sides, trust me, i know about being in that other woman’s shoes. Been there for 15 years, and moving on with my life. He however finds it hard to stick to his marriage and his children.
      On my side I have reconnected in this life with 2 past lives husbands. One from Atlantis and the other from the Pleiadies, before my life on Earth. I have reconnected with my twin flame last year, or primary soul mate.
      Life is a learning experience, and whatever the lesson is for you, you will walk that path bravely, and kindly. You may also be reunited with a past life husband, or with your twin flame in the time ahead. so think positive, and good things will happen, including remaining with your man, if that is what you want.
      Much love and trust in yourself and in GOD.

      LOVE. Laura

  6. alcsms says:

    Hi! I just had a few questions.
    One being – where or who, can i contact a medium thats not so expensive, or that doesnt make people pay at all? I’d really like to talk with one.
    Second – i know someone who is 20, and she is in love, and loves spending any minute she can with a man who is almost 60…. she says she is happy, and when they’re together, its like they forget how old they both really are. They have a deep connection with one another. Is it possible they had a life together in a past life?

  7. hopelesslytheone says:

    I believe she posted here. some moments she remembers me clearly.then other moments she doesn’t remember. she sought me out. we were in love in past life. once I left her with a baby. another we had a baby and a family. I don’t recall what happened to us. she still loves me. she gets close then shuts down. when we met again I was in a domestic relationship. now she is with a version of me. recognize small details.yet we both stay in communication. some how her memories are intermittent. I love this woman although she is with a version of me. unconditional. people think I am crazy. but she says things from past lives. she even said you know its sounds crazy that I say I love her. she still contacts me when she can or is in altered state. my life was a bit wild when I met her. and there was a lot of negative focus on us. I have since made major changes. she stays in touch although she receives terrible pressure not too, but I saw her eyes tear up. when I didn’t leave domestic because it had to be done right. I know she loves me. I help her and child out. but her memories of past are intermitant,.mine are not. she sought me out bbefore she knew me. when we saw eachother in restaurant our eyes locked and it was like heaven. I want her back. what can I do…y were we brought together?i am in so in love its like she is only woman on planet…..I don’t care she has a baby. she told me she probably wont marry but I can still be in her life. is it possible she can retain total recall. I had things in past I had to reconcile. she was aware of that.its a soul connection. I am not an ugly person at all. but I only remember our love. we still communicate. I am considerably older than her in this life. however I am blessed to look very young and am very physically fit. she is attracted to the point of tears. I should of left domestic as she requested. but I wanted not hurt domestic. however everyone know past life and I are in love and everyone tries to spate us. please tell me their is a chance, I am ok with friends. however I want to be a big part of her life. if that happens we will connect as we have done in 5 lives. she is fighting it. I beive on bad advise and intermitant memories. she speaks between the lines.i lover her so much.
    how can I overcome the wall and her intermitant memories.?

  8. Paula says:

    Ours was Love at First Sight: We were immediately happy and inseparable from the moment we met. We have been reunited (after 44 years) as the result of our Love Child’s search for us, his Birth Parents.
    Cliff asked to come to my home. The same joy that we had initially felt was undeniable. The immediate, unexplainable pain that I felt when he left led me to the idea of Past Life relationships, and I feel that we did share a Life(s) and that explains the why our experience was so fleeting and intense ~ We had done ‘the relationship work’ at another time-in-the-Past, and we had done it well.
    Karmatic-ly speaking, I am the most important relationship of his ‘life’, but he has ‘debts’ to pay. My Karma speaks to me to resolve my ‘rigid’ expectations, and to be more open-hearted. I do feel that Cliff is the Love of my Life. He has only been divorced for a little over a year, and I am trying so hard (maybe too hard) to overwhelm him, eventhough he and I both recognize that our love was not a mistake ~
    Paula (Aries) Cliff (Pisces)

  9. smallpearl says:

    hey i just wanna say that i think that i found my lover from another life and i’ve never felt this way before i found that person three years ago but that person doesn’t know me we’ve never met and i don’t know what to do , and i feel so sorry for that person ’cause i know he feels like there is something missing , and i know what he is missing but i do nothing because i can’t, i don’t know what to do and i’m scared

  10. Mansi says:

    Hi jen.. I need your help.
    My life isn’t going peacefully by my family life or my educational side. There is always some problems and I just can’t handle them emotionally. Will u please help me.
    Why this things happen to me and is it connected with my past life?

  11. christine alman says:

    I’m married my husband whom I’m separated. W is awful to me and my boyfriend that I’m w its like love at first sight I’m so in love w with him and I can see deep in his eyes he loves me

  12. Shauna says:

    The man that I’m with now, is the soul mate I was with in a past life. I’ve had visions since the moment I layed eyes on his picture. I’ve had a vision while we were making love thru the eyes of the person I was of the past life. It was so strong enough that we had to stop. I had to describe to him what I had seen and he didn’t know what to expect. In the past life we had a boy named Isaiah James and I just found out that I’m pregnant and I know that it’s going to be a boy. And I’ve got Isaiah James as the name.

  13. Nadia says:

    Hi. I’m a 47 year old South American woman from a Slavic family. I’m saying this for nothing in my family or ancestors is even loosely related to Asia. I have the strong conviction that I have had at least 4 past lives because my tastes, preferences and even phobias do not relate in the least to my upbringing, cultural background or even to the continent I was born in. As concerns the soul mate in particular, when I was 7 years old I told my parents that one day I would marry a Japanese man. They were puzzled of course but I was adamant in my statement. At that time, my geographical reference was Japan, but later would I learn that China, Korea and Mongolia also existed, whose peoples share a similar phenotype. At that time, though, Japan was my only reference. Nowadays I know that the scope covers those four countries. Since that early age I’ve had a strong preference for all that comes from that area of the globe. What is even worse, I have the vivid memory of a face, like branded in my brain, of an Asia man, slanted eyes, straight black hair, an intense look in his eyes. A face I’ve never actually seen in real life. During these last 40 years this face has never faded from my memory. I am a lowsy drawer but if I could draw properly, I would have made an identikit of this man. His face has not changed with the decades, he is a handsome Oriental man in his thirties or forties, and I have the strong feeling he was very dearly to me. He is looking straight at me and I can even hear his voice. I also feel we have loved each other deeply and were sorrowly parted from one another. I also sense our relationship was not an easy one. I have been growing increasingly anxious lately, and he appears before my eyes quite often. This is not a passing phase; I’ve had had his face in my brain for four decades. I am completely sure he exists, but where to find him??? I am a married woman, a professional and a mother myself, and yet, I do feel THE man of my life has not yet arrived, that he is somewhere there, in this big world. And that he is from Asia. Besides, I’ve been told I have master numbers 65/11. I am also a very intuitive person and the person who told me my numbers also told me that my intuition is probably right. Yet, I am restless and unusually anguished.
    Thank you for reading me.

  14. mcsedna says:

    hiI’m in this boat. I’ve got a connection with a guy I know and feel his soul round me all the time although its not going to manifest in 3d and I’m ok with that. I’m quite happy to talk to his Higher Self all the time and feel totally loved. I avoid seeing his 3d self unless I really need to because I know he needs the space. We both freeze up if we have to talk to each other. I’ve no interest in getting another partner who wouldn’t be as special, but of course everyone wants me to get a partner, and Ive had to ditch loads of people because they’re pressurising me.But his soul seems fine with me talking to him in 5d in fact his HS said telepathically that this was going to be a purely 5d thing while his 3d self was standing 3 feet away from me.. I sometimes feel him in the earth and trees.

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