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Fragile Inner Being by Multidimensional Ocean

Just wanted to share how fragile we become as we grow more knowledgeable, and grow. Compassion for our body seems to be key, along with kindness towards it. The same goes for our inner being. It needs kindness and love … Continue reading

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Message from Ulrika: Mother Earth – by Multidimensional Ocean 18 Feb 2013

I have been very touched and impressed by the quality of your responses and of your love. I have shared this with my loved family and friends, down here on our world. Allow us to clarify a few points: First, … Continue reading

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Flourish and Spread your Wings by Multidimensional Ocean

   Human life is like water: it runs, it is fluid, it is ever changing, it cannot be controlled. In our dimension, we often forget that we need to feed all the parts within us. The mind, the body and … Continue reading

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SaLuSa and Adrial – Aurora Dreamflights Resumes – 16 Feb 2012

    Laura: a second message came today. There must be much going on in the heavens for me to receive 2 messages in a few hours from such wonderful beings of pure light. Shall we find out more!   … Continue reading

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Divine Love is Eternal –Ulrika and Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: Hi guys, Ulrika has been on to me most of the day and wishes to give me / us a new message. I have been having intense contacts with a few beings and with the Inner Earth Spirit itself. … Continue reading

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Ulrika from Agartha – Listen to us More often! – by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi folks! I have received a call from Inner Earth tonight. I have decided to go ahead and type the heart to heart messages for all to read. I have had a strange ghostly visit in my room for the … Continue reading

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Free World

Sending much love and light to all lightworkers across the globe and the universe! We are nearing home everyday ladies and gents! Be sure of it. I believe we are beginning to see the effects of our work coming into … Continue reading

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