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lightworker2It seems to me that as we are moving on to the next level of understanding and evolution, it is possible that we leave behind, and with much pain at that, family members, and friends. As we continue to clear our minds and to heal, it becomes more and more apparent that there are those among us, who still refuse to let go of negativity and of hurting those around them.
We all have had the opportunity of clearing much of the crippling challenges that we had accepted to take on, as lightworkers. Many of us had accepted to have a path made of almost insurmountable difficulties and had to learn to heal and grow over time.
I know many of us who have been abused as children, who had their confidence shattered at a very early age by one or both of their parents, while other members of the family tried to compensate as well as they could.
Others among us have been born in extremely poor families or countries, and had to learn to survive, sometimes alone.
Others have had tremendous love hurts and disappointments; others again had to deal with medical conditions, family issues, and a pile of other difficulties.
We were drawn towards the light, towards realizing our full light potential on Earth, rising from the most painful living conditions, learning how to deal with the most challenging difficulties.
Whether this is your case or not, many of us had to have their awareness and consciousness blocked at first when integrating an Earth family. Otherwise, given the imbalance of power and general awareness of star seeds and lighworkers, the results could have been almost too easy for us to reach on our own.
As a consequence, many of us have taken it upon themselves to help their family members and friends with their love, understanding and compassion. Some of us have also chosen a difficult path in order to experience what humans from Earth have been enduring through many Earth incarnations.
This richness of experiences will give them the ability to relate to those around them and to truly be able to give them a helping hand when needed, because of having shared similar experiences and having learnt to overcome these. The extraordinary life circumstances that you have overcome have contributed in making you who you are and in helping you awake to your true potential.
Lightworkers I salute you all, you have my deepest respect and gratitude. Keep your heart open, spend negative energy gardening, cooking, doing home improvement, or doing exercise. Keep up the good work and your light shining in all circumstances, and don’t forget to protect yourself.
Much love to you all out there, who I interact with day in, day out. Even if I don’t have time to reply to emails etc, I still keep you in my heart and send you a smile
Love, Laura
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About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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13 Responses to Lightworkers Journey on planet Earth – Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

  2. Sally says:

    I love that Laura, I find that to be true also

  3. Helloteke says:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts dear Laura, they are resonating with me big time, and at the same time offering some consolation and understanding.

  4. debbymanynations says:

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks for the reblogs dear Debbie and Valerie ❤

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