How Was Your 21st December 2012?

Hi guys, just popping over for a few minutes to ask you if you would like to share your experience of the 21st Dec. below in comments?

I personally have been sleeping it off for most of these pas 3 days. Feeling super tired. My dreams have also been interesting… i recall being in contact with my family from all over the world. Feeling their love, even if we are over 2,000 km apart or more.

I have also felt close to my twin flame’s incarnation in spirit, and very much have been settled between our higher selves in the higher realms. I do now understand a lot more about his choices in 3d and mine so far. I feel a huge relief, compassion and understanding for him, like i have truly never fathomed before.

The other interesting phenomena so far is that my brain has been somewhat in overdrive. It seems that I need a lot more understanding of my life circumstances. I feel that my level of understanding and willingness to understanding a lot deeper… interest about my own life and my environment. It seems that it is a matter of levels now. I also feel that my intellect is a lot more engaged in what goes on in the 3d world, without my knowledge and participation.

I hope that many of you also feel and felt this wave of light crossing our lives. I feel we are slowly awakening and understanding what is going on in the world behind our backs so to speak.

I am going to make a poll and ask how you have experienced these days events. Please feel free to share and comment.

I will be back online for a few hours on the 24th Dec i hope, if I feel less tired. Till then, i wish you a wonderful inner voyage and exploration.



About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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One Response to How Was Your 21st December 2012?

  1. spiritoliberovincenzo says:

    This is my esperineza of 21.12.2012

    I do not remember the place but I think it was the area and the road to my house where I was born. One of my childhood friend and family, along with my brother. They called me and told me more ‘or less like this: “When you have the experience or something like that to do so’ or telling us” (I do not remember well the speech) Then my friend repeated more ‘or less the same words, at some I saw the point spread and bare chest. On the right side of the chest had an object similar to a manual labeling, where you could write names and numbers and stick them on papers or on the mailbox. It was white and blue and was attached to the chest, and as he spoke, his eyes closed as in trans or channeling them and while doing all this, the object came wrote everything he said (at least I think). Therefore you can ‘ imagine that given the object, the space of writing was all on one line. After a while, ‘he spoke, I took this scripture and detached dall’etichettatrice trovandomela but his hands had become more’ big, but the garndezza of toilet paper on a sheet of paper and paper as long as when you unroll toilet paper . As I read, my friend told me: “This you must do, or so ‘(can not remember)” Looking at the paper, and what was written, I noticed that there were 4.5 lines written with date and time and then continued so ‘throughout the paper, with dates and hours, as it was all in a row. At a certain point of the sheet was reading the dates and some were at a distance of days. I asked why ‘to my friend and he told me so’: “There are several dates and times’ cause written at different times, but if you notice they all have a common thread, and ‘a single speech in more’ parts.” It seemed like a pipe but I do not remember what was written.

    After that ‘I find myself upwards a dirt road made of gravel and rubble, like the ones you see near the villas unfinished. I walked to a house or chalet of them. I felt and I knew that my mother was inside and did not want to see me and know that I was there, ‘do not know’ whether to surprise her or just do not let me see. I walked to this small street that looked out onto the main road, it was late morning.
    Slowly I walked away, almost on tiptoe to not feel in the middle of the road there was a light pole but there was none. Sinnistra took the pole and hops on pointe, the height of the pole and I felt I could enter my somewhere else, like a threshold. I mean, I knew at that moment that I jumped, to be entering a portal, like a window to enter. While there I entered I heard, not only with your ears or not but in my head, the sound of my cross that threshold, as the sound you hear in the show Star Trek when they were Teleport, The sound was similar. The sound can ‘also be compared even to the sound that is heard in the boxes when it is said and you enter a dream.
    Walked into this portal, in this port, in this size, just set foot outside I saw people I had not seen that before in reality ‘. As if there were always just that in reality ‘of the first I could not see but now I could see them.
    At first I was a bit ‘scared’ cause I did not know what was happening. These people were approaching my face, floating but had no intention to hurt me, and indeed ‘was as if I had found on their way and they did not pass. With the passage of time I realized where I was and what was that window (portal for the entry in the other size) first saw a woman in her sixties, dressed as in the thirties with those wide skirts and under full below garments, such as the classic peasant of the time, with the scarf on her head that was on their own and more ‘in the’ a very elegant man, always the 30’s, dressed in a full Bordeax with hat, mustache and cigarette, he walked. Basically I was in a size barks while staying here ‘on earth, now I could see what’ that really care about there ‘in our time that we can not see, as if I had dropped a veil and entered the portal. This felt!

    I was driving on the highway and I said, his mind: “Let me get back ’cause I do not want my parents and my sister to see me dead in the house.” After saying that a couple of times I said to myself: “Ah yes, then as with the mind I can go anywhere I want to see me in New York now.” I said it as if it were perfectly normal and so easy. While “talking” reach me I saw the machines meeting, at first I had a little ‘fear that impinge on me but then came the perspective of who I was actually, I was going to meet them and prorpio like a ghost, I passed through the cars, I see the passengers but they did not see me. I go through cars, prorpio as the Film “Gosth.” It ‘was a great feeling and I was enjoying it and I was getting to grips with this. At one point more ‘in there I saw two trucks collide and dabbed. I approached to see what had happened but not as a human, in the sense that I entered and went out by the media with simplicity ‘. I walked to the truck buffered and not being able to see it on the front, I went through the same and I saw the two young drivers dead and full of blood. Beyond ‘the bad event, I was enjoying the whole thing.

    There is one important thing to say at the beginning of the entry in the portal did not know how to move and move, I thought of jumping but then I noticed that floated and touched not the ground like other people like me who saw now. Even though I said I wanted to return to the chagrin of my parents and I think I have indicated where was the portal to a hypothetical exit at the end of the dream, I’m not ‘out but I was inside the portal that now as I said I was willing and took confidence with New Size and what ‘I could do from then on. I would just think about it! Wonderful feeling!

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