SaLuSa, Aurora and Adrial: What will take place on the 21st Dec. 2012? Aurora Update by Multidimensional Ocean


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO: Captions/ subtitles can be turned on from bottom left hand side of the video’s screen, where I have added the entire transcript of the message. You will then be able to read and listen to the audio at the same time.

Aurora: It has come to our attention that so many of you are concerned about the date of the 21st Dec. 2012. So we would like to speak a little about the events expected to take place. However before we move on to this, Adrial would like to give you some feedback on the mission for last Saturday. After that, SaLuSa will also speak of the mission for this week.


Adrial: Good day dear friends and crew members. We would like to inform you that this week’s mission has been a complete success. Many of you have worked around the clock on the Earth’s pyramids. Others among you were a lot more adventurous and spent every night on various planets of our solar system, learning to cope with various atmospheres. Some of these planets do have a very toxic environment, even for your higher being bodies. Protective suits had to be adapted to suit all your needs. For instance, the “rain” on Titan is extremely toxic. If your higher being bodies are touched by this “rain”, which is very different from rain on Earth, they can seriously damage you.


However all those who volunteered to work under these conditions were perfectly safe and have done a wonderful job. As a result, much attention has been drawn to the planets of your solar system. Never a dull moment in your solar system dear friends. There is a lot that your scientists don’t know and a lot that is not being revealed to the general public. You have contributed in reactivating many of the ancient pyramids left over from previous civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years old or more.nature (1)


Some of the ruins have been conserved almost in pristine state, even we do not know who has built them or left some of them behind. Records of their coming into existence could not be easily traced. A lot of detective work was enjoyed by our teams. As you will soon realize that the rest of your sister planets, in your solar system will become more and more a centre of attention. The planets will offer you a wonderful light show, which we hope will be passed on to the general public somehow for the 21st Dec and the days around that date.

Aurora: While the date of the 21st Dec holds much expectation within many communities and Earth civilisations, it is important to remember that it is nothing more than a new door opening for you. It is a door to a new state of consciousness, a portal to a new awareness, and a beginning of a new age for your planet and for the entire Galaxy in fact. Like many doors opening for a short time, this event can count in a huge manner for your planet, if you chose to walk through that door.


How far you will take this opportunity remains up to you dear Earth beings. Any door or portal opens and shuts after a period of time. What you will do during this opening into higher realities will be up to your individual selves ultimately.


Many are panning to take advantage of the incoming energies in order to force that door opened for an extended period of time. The work we are hoping to achieve by working on the various pyramids,  in collaboration with you and other civilisations is to help just that, to have the portal opened for as long as possible in order that the greatest numbers be given the best chance of walking through that portal.


In order to be able to live in the moment and receive the benefits of the incoming peak energies, we recommend that you reserve the day for peace, love, and quietness. The peak of this event will be less than ten minutes; however the extended benefits before and after the day will be visible to the trained eye for at least 3 days.


Many of you, those who would have chosen to ascend will catch this opportunity to elevate their own vibrations and open their eyes as it were. Suddenly many of you will see us, because dear crew, we are always by your side. Your guardian angels, your angels, spirit and many of ascended being from other planets, who care very deeply about you, are always in your presence. Suddenly, many of you will be able to see us and acknowledge our presence.


Please do not assume that just because you have not seen us for that period of time, you are not part of the ascended world. You will still be able to hear us more, sense our presence and messages more. Everything will just be “more”. There will be more colours, more love, more compassion, more understanding. It is only the beginning, as much work will remain to be done in order to bring yourself and the rest of your Earth brothers and sisters fully into the higher realms permanently. This work will have to be gentle, slow and allow time for all to adjust to the new dimensions.


Many of you can already feel the immense joy and peace since 12-12-12 or before. This beautiful energy will continue to expand your heart, your awareness and your understanding. You are slowly being awakened, reactivated, and brought back to life as gently as possible.


Many past lives memories will resurface now for many of you. You will begin to see scenes of your past lives, as if these events had happened into this life. The feelings, emotions, healing and dealing with the past is also something that you will need to give yourself time to work on.


SaLuSa: This is the only work that we will do in dreamflights this week: work on your own awareness, and awakening, work on your feelings, on the trauma of many deaths, pains, and failures of thousands of Earth lives, and of processing the truths about your true galactic heritage. Your true identity will also be reactivated, your role here, your mission will suddenly become clear to many of you. We will help dealing with much of these during dreamflights.


Some of you will still like to continue their work on board Aurora and travel to planets of your solar system, where much work still remains to be done. This remains very much a possibility for those to do so and wish to join us on the ships.


We leave you on these words. We will speak soon, for some of you, in person during the week. Reality is about to take a brand new meaning for you dear ones.


Be aware, however, that some of you will remain closed to much of the experiences concerning the 21st Dec. This is by your own choice, and more often than not has to do with your family situation on Earth at this time. So in many cases, the ascension process will be a little bit slower, and will take more time for you and your family to level up. There is plenty of time dear ones, no need for sudden, violent changes.


The final result of this is yet not fully know, and what we recommend is that you remain in the vibrations of love, and peace at all times, as there are many of those in power who oppose Earth’s Ascension and are continuously doing their best to cause wars, deaths and destructions. Rest assured that all is known and seen, remain calm and trust in yourself, trust in spirit and in our own inner God.


We beam our love onto you all. Be light, be love. Aurora, Adrial and SaLuSa.


Message channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean.


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title,  is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:   and


About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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4 Responses to SaLuSa, Aurora and Adrial: What will take place on the 21st Dec. 2012? Aurora Update by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Laura says:

    thank you for reblogging dear Daniel 🙂

  2. LavenderRose says:

    I loved all you just wrote, tears dripping down my face….Huge transition leaving the cruel negative family and friends behind…Sometimes we can’t change others, but try to give them a nudge, but really, let’s be honest, some people are just hopeless….Great work Laura. Thanks so much….

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